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Its SWF or?


hi, would be nice if u had the arrow buttons on screen… that would make it compatible to mobile phone… any intention to do that? thanks

nice idea and thank you for your suggestion! we will add it in the next update.

We updated the game and added arrow buttons on the screen.

that was good but i coudnt find any pause game button

OK, thanks! we will add it in the next update.

Pause feature has been added in the latest update.

High score table?

Nice job1

where’s the hard drop? Click the space bar to hard drop

You can use the down arrow button for drop.

We updated the game and added slam (hard drop feature).

Do you need specialist software like Photoshop to edit the logo and icon in the game or can you use free software to do this like Paint.Net? Also what format are the images for the logo and icon


They are in .png format, so you can use any software that edits .png files.

Very cool. The only reason why I am not purchasing is because there is no way to slam the objects and there is no scoring system.

Are there any plans to implement this in the future?

Hi, we may add slam feature in near future (next one or two weeks). But adding scoring system takes more time and currently we are working on other projects. So we can’t promise adding it.

We updated the game and added slam (hard drop feature).

Please, have u got a psd with the TEXTS in layers? I need to translate but the texts are in the same layer as the images


Hi, we didn’t use text because it will cause more problem when editing and translating (especially because of differences between languages). So using image will make editing easier and prevent some of the possible problems. Also we are going to update this game very soon and then you can download the updated version which has more features.

Ok thanks! another question, can I embed it into a html page???

Hi, I have just purchased your game but I can not unzip the file. Can I get another file?


Hi, sorry for this issue. It seems that when we updated this game a few days ago, the file somehow became corrupted. We are uploading a new file and probably it will be ready by tomorrow. But if you want to have it sooner, email us and we will send it for you.

Thank you for your fast response!

The game has been updated and now it works fine.

Hi, will you add a leader board? either online or offline is ok.

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

I will speak with the game’s programmer about it and tell you the answer in a few days.

I talked with him and he said currently he doesn’t have time to make another update for this game. But we will try to add this feature in future updates (if possible).


Thank you! :D

Hi I would love to buy this game however it is not responsive and full screen. Is it possible to make it full screen and responsive please?

Hi and sorry for answering late. We don’t check comments very often, so if you need the answer fast, contact us via our mail.

It is possible to make a responsive version. But it will take some time. Contact us via our mail for more information.

Might be a silly question, but can I disable the background so its transparent? And also disable the music entirely?

Also, what kind of support do you include? :-)


It isn’t possible to make the background transparent (if you do it, it will cause some graphical issues). But for disabling the music, you can just delete the music file.

And about support, we can edit the game for you (add some new features, change the graphic and etc) and the cost depends on the time that it takes. For small changes, we don’t charge anything.

So first tell us what exactly you need and then we can give you more details.

How can I display an alert when game over?

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

I will talk with game’s programmer about it and give you his answer via email.

Hello 01simle, why the game view wrong ? Appears so big, The game exceeds the screen landscape and portrait. Is possible put the game into portrait ? Thanks

It seems current version on codecanyon is’n responsive. I will update it with a responsive version soon and then you can download it from here to solve your issue.

Ok thank you. I will wait for it

I have uploaded the new version. You will get a notification from codecanyon whenever it is approved and ready for download.

link apk demo ??

Hi there,

Unfortunately we don’t have any android version of this game.

Hello, this game can be played on PC browser?

Hi there and thank you fro your purchase,

Yes, it can be played on any PC browsers that supports HTML5.

Hi, There.

I wrote you last week with no results so I’m trying this way.

In the company I work they purchased this item to customize however after checking the code It seems it is obfuscated? Am i right?

I want to ask you : How easy or difficult is to customize your game but not only the assets but the positions? por example set the logo in another position or the score?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi there and sorry for the delay,

I answered your email in this regard.


I noticed when the towers get really high, even on the sides, the game thinks that a new piece can’t spawn and gives a game over, even when there is space in the middle where pieces spawn. What would be the fix for this? Thanks.

Hi there and sorry to answer your comment here,

I have already answer your email in this regard and can continue our talk via email.

Can i ask a question?

1. Can use it on my Monetize web site? 2. Can i connect it to my own Usermanagement? Score store, Ranking, FB friend bla bla 3. Can i manage a scoring? I will decrease score, i mean that score is too high i will decrease is just little bit. Its not hacking to client. I will decrease general score.

If it possible i will buy it. ASAP


Hi there and really sorry for the delay. We were inactive on Codecanyon for a few weeks.

Unfortunately I don’t think what you want is possible to do in this game. Sorry about that.