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thank! more to come. html5 d3js, highcharts, highmaps, etc. care to rate?

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Good Work! Congratulations!


Very cool! Good luck!


Hello Great product I would like to be able to print the driving map direction it would increase the the value of the map. It looks good and the directions are excellent but it would be nice. Thank you

Never thought about printing. I would check mapbox.js to see if it supports printing

Reason I ask is older people are not as savvy as the younger people and they normally ask to be able to print the directions Thank you .

Yep. I’ll consider it for next release. Thanks.Ninja

Hi, is there a way to limit the zoom of the map? For example, if I don’t want my users to zoom in all the way to a map and see approximately what address a marker is?

I qoukd check mapbox.js – ninja

please reply to my email

what email address did you use, maybe I’m thinking I’m responding to different person.

I just responded. – Ninja

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Can the interactive map be downloaded and used offline?

mapbox requires you to be online unless you save the webpage as a pdf

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is the demo broken or does the script need updating? none of the red marker versions render properly – no icon visible. and example: also, the script is slow to render the maps. is that due to where it’s hosted?

appreciate your time. the script looks great, but I do have my concerns. thanks for your time.

I’ll check it out.

this is fixed

Hi, does the demo include in the script ? new update on the run to or no need for update for the moment? Thanks

i’ve bought the php version. thanks for this script.