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Hi. Is it possible to mysql connection?

Hey, I am not sure how to implement but It is possible.

Check this https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/346/online-high-score-table-ajax-php-mysql

Hi, Love the game! Is it possible to change the symbols to our own without having to edit in Construct 2? Look forward to hearing from you.

Hey, Thanks. You can edit the images without using C2. You just need to replace the images in the image folder with same name and resolution.

Hi what is the % chance for good or bad setup ?

There is no certain ratio in code for this, but the ratio of ‘win’ to ‘all situations’ is %7.

thanks for the quick reply… how hard is it to change this win ratio?

What kind of win ratio do you want to impelement ?

I don’t know yet… may be 10 or 20% depends of my client… the idea behind the question is simply to know how hard or easy it could be to change that number.

Sorry, I’ve asked that to see if I can help to implement. I think you can’t edit this as you wish without using Construct 2.

By the way, sorry for the time loss.

Hi. I will purchase it becouse I think th design is great.

So for customize/integrate it with my site that works on mysql (as other user asked) what do you recommend me? Try to attach to events with scirra construct2? Or do it directly at javascript?

Best regards

Hey! Thanks for purchasing,

I think it is better to make the implementations with C2.

Here is a tutorial about mysql with C2:


Hope it helps!


I want to buy this game to help me learn C2. Do you include the .capx file on the download? If not, is it available upon request? EDIT – Just re-read the product description. Apparently you do offer the source files (great!).

Thanks for your interest! Of course, the pack includes .capx file.

Please do not hesitate to mail for any questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com

hello i have a ptc sites where members can earn real money can i integrate this game in it and members use thier real balance in it?

Hey! Thanks for your interest. Yes, I think you can. You will need an extended licence for this. Please mail me for any furter questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com

can you customize the game so i can earn money from it through paypal….

Hi, thanks for your interest! Please mail me so we can talk: mervetalunn@gmail.com

Hi! We need a slot macchine to use in tablet (ios or android), without internet connection.

Does your slot machine work without an internet connection)?

Thank you very much!

Yes, it can be played with any browser without internet connection if you’re not planning to create an app. You can mail me for any questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com

can we edit and reduce number of type of symbols ?

Also, we want to add this in our android and IOS mobile app, one license would be good?

Of course, you can. An extended license will be enough. You can mail me for any questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com

Hi, you can control the % of payout? Thanks.

Do you mean the paytable? You can edit the related events with Construct2. Please send me a mail with your questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com