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Too difficult,

Couldn’t solve it


its Suitable for use in Android ?

You can run it on Android, but it will have some performance issues. If you want it to run properly on android, then we should make an android version. We can do this for you with a low price.

Can you make it into a multi-player game with PayPal integration so you can make a wager and challenge friends to win cash, like this one? http://socialgrower.com/gamer/fb.htm


Email us so that we can talk in details there.

Do we know this works on Android, there is a post already. Current version works on Android, still we need to make it work.


As I mentioned in another comment, it runs on android devices, but it may have some performance issue on some devices. If you want it to run perfectly, you should make an apk from t.

I just purchased this item. Can you please supply the un-minified javascript code so I modify it to suite my needs?

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

About the js file, the game is made with a game engine. This game is made with Game Maker engine and as you may know, this engine only gives minified codes and for editing it, you need to have Game Maker license. But you can use this github project (https://github.com/einars/js-beautify) to un-minify them. You may be able to modify it this way.


I just purchased this game. Is it possible you can provide a layered PSD file. I had to manually recreate all the layers.

Secondly, Is it possible to provide more than one picture as well, so as the level changes, the background picture can change? This would be awesome.

It would also be nice if you could provide a list of background pictures with absolute urls e.g.

mypictures.com/puzzlegame/background1.png mypictures.com/puzzlegame/background2.png

for the different levels.

Hi and thank you fro your purchase,

About open layered PSD file, I should speak with the game’s original programmer to see if he has them.

And about your other changes (url and more than one picture), they are possible. But currently we are busy and don’t have time to publish an update for this game with these features. But if you really need them, email us and give u more details about these changes and we may be able to apply them for you fro a small price.

Hi there,

We have updated the game and improved it a lot. Download and test it if you like.

Hi, One more request. Is it possible to have the sound working on mobile phones? When I play it at: http://puzzleslide.games.rangerrom.com/

I notice:

1. Sounds does not work when playing on a phone. 2. The view is not responsive, and it does not take up the entire screen.

May I recommend you compress images (png) with this tool https://tinypng.com/ and also compress the .js file with gzip compression :)

Thanks again for the update – I just updated the game :)


Thank you for the link for compressing images. And also your game looks very nice! Good job!

And I have answered you email.