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how to I set up on website

is this something that could be used on a bigcommerce store? we would need for it to be abel to actually incorporate the “coupon code / discount rule” into bigcommerce. Thanks in advance


you do not have support? I need to ask some queries.


Hello, Can we add a text instead of the image after scratching ? Is it possible to have full documentation on customizing ?

its possible to have callback when whole canvas with scratch card was loaded? im planning to generate images with server and then pass them to function using JSON but this takes around 5-6 seconds to complete and while not completed i need to display loading message and once canvas is loaded i need to remove it.

Is this project still been supported? also, what kind fraud prevention mechanism is in place to prevent session codes been copy/pasted multi times?

I have added the javascript and div tag. it shows up in dreamweaver as an object but does not work in the browser.

I’m also interested in fraud protection. How is this add to a landing page creator page? Via html element? Dropping in code?

Is another author gone like the wind? This is a cool little app

Are we able to set odds and redirect users to a url as winner?

Examples not work ?

Hi I requested assistance on how to use your script with dynamic generated numeric codes, but no answer so far. PLEASE HELP