HTML5 Scratch Card

HTML5 Scratch Card

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Scratch.js is a standalone library which brings interactivity to your website by allowing you to generate scratch cards for your visitors. Based on HTML5, scratch.js generate canvas on the fly and is optimized for all modern browsers and has touch support for mobile devices. You can use it to make scratch cards, coupons, promotionnal game and even advertisement.


  • Touch support: works on IOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Fully responsive
  • Flash fallback: for the browsers which don’t support the HTML5 canvas tag
  • Lightweight, with no external dependencies
  • include working examples to avoid starting from scratch
  • PSD file included
  • Flexible and fully configurable
  • Complete documentation included
  • Compatible with all frameworks (Jquery, Mootools)

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11+ (Internet Explorer 9+ with Flash fallback)
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Chrome 2.0+
  • Safari 2.0+
  • Opera 9.0+

Please note that my script actually runs on older versions of Internet Explorer (7+) but some features may not work on them.

The following devices are also supported:

  • Iphone and Ipad (with IOS 6.1+)
  • Windows Phone (with Internet Explorer Mobile 10+)
  • Android Phone (with Android 4.1+)

Support and Updates

If you find any bug or think of a feature I should add to my product, feel free to contact me from my profile page, I will try to do an update as soon as possible.

All updates are available for free, you should be informed by email when major updates are published. If not go on your download page on Codecanyon, there you can subscribe to be notified by email when an update is available


12/03/2014 – Version 1.4
ADDED: Flash fallback for the browsers which don't support the html5 canvas tag
FIXED: A scroll bug on Windows Phones
FIXED: A bug where the counter function was triggered when the page was loaded
FIXED: A bug with the API restart function
11/04/2014 – Version 1.31
FIXED: position bug affecting Chrome users.
11/01/2014 – Version 1.3
ADDED: a basic API, the scratch cards can now be locked, restarted or cleaned off
ADDED: The Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is now supported, reducing bandwidth use.
UPDATED: the overall performances have been optimized up
FIXED: the scratch card was partially redrawn after being resized
FIXED: the scratch card would not function when an hexadecimal color was used
FIXED: the coin cursor was visible on some Android devices
FIXED: strange behaviour if one of the container's parents had a CSS margin
FIXED: corrected a bug which induced lags on Android devices
09/15/2014 – Version 1.2
ADDED: Scratch.js is now fully responsive
ADDED: The scratch cards may be resized now
FIXED: Corrected a duplication bug that low end pc users may have encountered
09/01/2014 – Version 1.1
FIXED: Corrected some bugs that were speficic to Android and IOS
08/20/2014 -Version 1.0
Initial release