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How should I list my streams?

You need to understand that Shoutcast or Icecast both use different codecs usually. For example Shoutcast supports AAC and MP3, while Icecast supports OGG and MP3. So you need to check with your broadcasting software which of codecs you are streaming to one of those. Provide only codecs that you are using.

Shoutcast V1 http://link-to-server:port/;stream.mp3

Shoutcast V2 http://link-to-server:port/mount

Icecast http://link-to-server:port/mount

Now also remove unused codecs from stream list don’t just replace them with same URL all over again or player will not work properly.

If you have additional questions or want to know support for codecs you can read more on jplayer web site which is base of my HTML5 player. http://jplayer.org/

My player doesn’t load, it just shows “Loading” all the time

This issue is usually problem with your configuration. Enable the PHP debug by changing:

ini_set("display_errors", "off");
ini_set("display_errors", "on");

Once you have that enabled go to http://link-to-your-site/info.php?get=usersettings That should give you more details whats wrong!

I use Icecast but my player doesn’t show track artist-title but just title, how to fix this?

You can fix that with one simple modification. Open inc/radio.php with Notepad++ or any other editing software and go to line 398.

Find this part of code:
$new['songtitle']        = $arr['source']['artist'] . ' - ' . $arr['source']['title'];
And change it to:
$new['songtitle']        = $arr['source']['title'];

Player doesn’t work in IFRAME or browser shows: Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the ‘frame’ property from ‘Window’: Blocked a frame with origin “http://someurl.com” from accessing a frame with origin “http://subdomain.someurl.com”. Protocols, domains, and ports must match

You can avoid this security issue by changing 1 line of code. Open up js/player.js and change on line 5:
var NiceREP, trackTime, trackTimer, isIframe = (self.frameElement && (self.frameElement+"").indexOf("HTMLIFrameElement") > -1);
To this:
var NiceREP, trackTime, trackTimer, isIframe = true
If this variable is set to true, it will hide close button on player navigation. If you set it to false it will show the button.

Connecting to configured stats server, please wait… Failed

This issue is very common because web hosting companies use basic firewall options that block output connections on alternative ports. Since Shoutcast and Icecast are running on non-standard HTTP port (8000 or any other random one) the firewall is blocking connection when the player is attempting to connect.

There is no simple solution to this problem. This can only be fixed by contacting web hosting provider and asking to open specific port required for connections to your streaming servers.

1.) Icecast server is running on port 8050
2.) When configuring stats you continuously get message “failed”.
3.) Your web hosting provider will need to unblock port 8050 to have ability to connect to the Icecast server. This way PHP will be able to finally go through and connect to the Icecast server.

When clicking “Play” on the player button immediately changes to “STOP”

Recent Chrome release version 55 implemented some new security features which no longer allow streaming over HTTP/0.9 on non default ports (any other ports than 80 and 443) which heavily affects Shoutcast streams version 1. If you think about it, Shoutcast V1.98 was released on January 2007.

More info can read here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/bhjjSbjfN50

Currently the only solution is to upgrade Shoutcast to version 2.0.

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