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I have been trying to configure the player all day. Able to hear stream but not pulling song info or album art. I am using shoutcast / Centova Cast. Entering my stream url… http://salt-lake-server.myautodj.com:8057 also entering username and password… mounting point… will not connect. Please help.

Have you tested connectivity under “Advanced” tab on the player panel? There is extensive description about connectivity in the documentation I will not repeat my words again. Please read documentation section “Connectivity & Live Information issues”

Your plug-in can work with the service listen2myradio.com?

I have no idea… It should since its Shoutcast / Icecast but the service has some limits in the free mode so it may not work for free users.

You can try? IP Address: Port: 5836

“Current Song” field is empty so my player won’t display artist/title. But the audio will play just fine.

http://radio.goa.im/index.php keeps on loading, and it doesn’t play

You have invalid configuration http://radio.goa.im/info.php?get=usersettings please run setup.php again and follow all directions!

now it says “We are sorry but your browser doesn’t support neither Flash or HTML version of player. Please upgrade your browser or install Adobe Flash.”

Either you are using outdated browser that doesn’t support HTML5/Flash or you have issue with cookie because initially the configuration was invalid. Please attempt to clear cookies for your domain name or simply clear all (https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic) and if still not working please switch web browser. Before you ask I also believe you are suffering with this issue: http://codecanyon.net/item/html5-radio-station-player/6971591/faqs/23930

I purchased the player and it works perfectly. However, I am unable to get the song artist and title to appear (just says “Various Artists – Unknown Artist” and it’s not sourcing the album artwork or images from Last.fm and I am not sure what I have or haven’t done, I have followed the instructions provided. Thanks!

You have already sent me an email with the specified problem and I replied but it would seem you use invalid email because it did not go through. Anyway see this FAQ entry on details with your problem: http://codecanyon.net/item/html5-radio-station-player/6971591/faqs/23930

Where can I can the text “Stream Quality ” text ?

Sorry what does that mean?

I want to change the text “Stream Quality” to “Radio Station” . http://i.imgur.com/Ccn2LlN.png

ow, you can change that text in file ”/inc/lang/en.php”

with this ..can create radio station online?

No, this is a player and not a broadcasting software.


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We are sorry but your browser doesn’t support neither Flash or HTML version of player. Please upgrade your browser or install Adobe Flash i keep getting this error ? i have flash and my browser is upto date ?

That means that the configured audio stream is not supported by the browser, meaning you didn’t properly configure the player because you do not read, please read the text above configuration to fix the issue. Every thing is explained there.


Can you please confirm to me that this player can play the following stream: https://is.gd/KPTE3E

Thank you and regards

I will need to test since I’ve never tried HE-AAC codec before. It should work however because all modern browsers support it and my player uses HTML5 technologies as priority.

Ok, can you please test it and get back to me with an answer so I can forward my client in buying it.

Based on this info: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Supported_media_formats HE-AAC should be supported every where IE9+

I tested it in following browsers:
- Chrome 53 (worked)
- Firefox 49 (worked)
- Internet Explorer 11 (fail)
- Microsoft Edge (fail)
- Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 (fail)
- Android 6 Chrome (worked)
- Android 6 Built-in browser (worked)

I may check if there is a way to fix my player to work with IE but this is going to have to wait, I’m busy this month a lot.


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Hi neighbor :), I have a problem with the stream .. all worked until 2 days ago, the problem is the chrome.. http://www.radio-banovina.hr/light/

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Hi, Can I Use it as a Wordpress Plugin? Or can i set it up om my Wordpress website!


Sorry for long delay. This is standalone script so it can’t be setup through WordPress. It can run a long side with it however.