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178 comments found. keeps on loading, and it doesn’t play

You have invalid configuration please run setup.php again and follow all directions!

now it says “We are sorry but your browser doesn’t support neither Flash or HTML version of player. Please upgrade your browser or install Adobe Flash.”

Either you are using outdated browser that doesn’t support HTML5/Flash or you have issue with cookie because initially the configuration was invalid. Please attempt to clear cookies for your domain name or simply clear all ( and if still not working please switch web browser. Before you ask I also believe you are suffering with this issue:

I purchased the player and it works perfectly. However, I am unable to get the song artist and title to appear (just says “Various Artists – Unknown Artist” and it’s not sourcing the album artwork or images from and I am not sure what I have or haven’t done, I have followed the instructions provided. Thanks!

You have already sent me an email with the specified problem and I replied but it would seem you use invalid email because it did not go through. Anyway see this FAQ entry on details with your problem:

Where can I can the text “Stream Quality ” text ?

Sorry what does that mean?

I want to change the text “Stream Quality” to “Radio Station” .

ow, you can change that text in file ”/inc/lang/en.php”

with this ..can create radio station online?

No, this is a player and not a broadcasting software.

We are sorry but your browser doesn’t support neither Flash or HTML version of player. Please upgrade your browser or install Adobe Flash i keep getting this error ? i have flash and my browser is upto date ?

That means that the configured audio stream is not supported by the browser, meaning you didn’t properly configure the player because you do not read, please read the text above configuration to fix the issue. Every thing is explained there.


Can you please confirm to me that this player can play the following stream:

Thank you and regards

I will need to test since I’ve never tried HE-AAC codec before. It should work however because all modern browsers support it and my player uses HTML5 technologies as priority.

Ok, can you please test it and get back to me with an answer so I can forward my client in buying it.

Based on this info: HE-AAC should be supported every where IE9+

I tested it in following browsers:
- Chrome 53 (worked)
- Firefox 49 (worked)
- Internet Explorer 11 (fail)
- Microsoft Edge (fail)
- Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 (fail)
- Android 6 Chrome (worked)
- Android 6 Built-in browser (worked)

I may check if there is a way to fix my player to work with IE but this is going to have to wait, I’m busy this month a lot.

Hi neighbor :), I have a problem with the stream .. all worked until 2 days ago, the problem is the chrome..

Hi, Can I Use it as a Wordpress Plugin? Or can i set it up om my Wordpress website!


Sorry for long delay. This is standalone script so it can’t be setup through WordPress. It can run a long side with it however.

Hi, i bought the license for HTML 5 Radio Station Player. It’s work fine but i have not the passwors of shoutcast server . If i have not this password can i view the title song on my HTML 5 Radio Station Player.? Can you explain as the write the confgi.php file? Thanks

You can’t do that on this player. HTML5 Radio Station player requires password.

Greetings .. we have bought this player and it is fantastic sounding .. my only problem is that with the browser (edge) is maintained Loading but not start only with popup

I am sorry for that. Did you write on email at all? If not, please contact me via support section. You will find it next to item “Comments” tab called “Support”.

P.S.: Please explain in the message what exactly is happening and where.

The player does not start in the browsers (edge)

This is not really support section. Gosh.

I’m not sure why this is happening, but something on your web site is making IE work differently than it should and for that reason its refusing Iframe check. Could be something like:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE8">


Thanks you…

I have the same error

@shawnfaleiro We are sorry but no Flash or HTML version of player. Please upgrade your browser or install Adobe Flash

I have seen the configuration several times and all are green.

I am even with my browser (firefox) and the same for Adobe Flash

(Sorry for my english, I speak french)

ok stop, résolu, change my lastfm-api-key

I don’t understand what’s the problem?

My key does not work, url of my image is not good :(

Ok, i just gotta get another key, it my have it working now

To be dissolved of all is disturbed.

Thank you super good service.

Happy to hear that. Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, I was sure I did =(.

We are sorry but your browser does not support Flash or HTML version of player. Please upgrade your browser or install Adobe Flash.

2 times all Flash settings checked and I still have this bug message on my Wordpress website. I can see the player below it, but because of that report I can not continue with my Shoutcast 2. Tried with a new MacBook pro 2018 and Windows PC with Chrome, both with the latest Flash on it. I have unfortunately already read the same message on this page several times, but how do I take this step by step to solve this, without ruining all standard settings? Thanks in advance..

Thats better explanation :-). Had no idea what we’re talking about before. So the easiest way is to make jignles/ads under same name. E.g. artist name “Advert” or “Jingle” or anything else. Then you can upload artwork for the common artist name across the jingles/adverts. Can you see where Im going with this?

Everything is resolved. Thank you very much for thinking along, and thank you very much for the good service.

Happy to hear that! Thanks, enjoy!

Does this software automatically play when it opens in chrome? Lately some players do not play, due to changes in the browser.

Actually you will not find a player that does that. Because that’s the point of limitation. There is no way to avoid it.

What actually can happen is that after 2-3x clicking play, browser will allow next time player to auto play. So this “new” feature is self learning. Which url’s you visit often and which you click “Play” on. So for some “web sites” not players, the feature still may work.

This feature was actually in Google Nightly builds since 2017.

P.S.: This implementation was done to save bandwidth on servers and most of all, bandwidth of mobile/desktop users with limited internet traffic. Its also kind of “anti-ads” feature.

A player i purchased some time ago stopped working, cleared cookies use Icecast worked before – test player

You might say it is “impossible ” that google dissabled flash in the latest chrome version 5 years ago, but why i am seeing this “We are sorry but your browser doesn’t support neither Flash or HTML version of player. Please upgrade your browser or install Adobe Flash.” Even with a missconfigured stream, i cant even see the player. And why you are so arrogant and constantly complaining that its my fault, i think your ego seems hurt, because i bought another working player and thats why you constantly fighting instead of simply configure it here right ?

Are the people in slovenia that harsh and unfriendly and think everybody else is an stupid asshole Jaka Prasnikar ?

Player supports flash but does not require it. No Slovenia has nothing to do with it… Not reading docs/descrioptions makes me mad… But ok lets stop here

Hello, Because reason does not play automatically?, I always have to click on the play button. its normal. browser’s limitation since beginning 2018

A little customization ;)

Looks amazing =) good job!

I thank you for the great products you make, your code is clean, easy to understand and makes it possible.

I try to do my best =) thanks!