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Good afternoon. Is there no solution for my problem? I wrote to you earlier, that the categories of posters are in the posts. And I can not see and edit categories of posters. Thank U.

Hola, acabo de comprar e instalar tu plugin, pero no encuentro por ningun lado donde crear o cambiar las categorias, ni donde activar la opcion de compartir en facebook, tal y como esta en tu demo. ¿como lo hago? Saludos


para crear nuevas categorías lo haces igual que con los post, desde el menú de posters:
Demotivatioal posters -> posters categories
en cuanto a los botones de compartir, para eso uso el plugin simple share button, envíame un mensaje si tienes algún problema con la configuración.


Perfecto, lo encontre, muchas gracias.tengo un par de dudas mas, primero ¿que archivo he de modificar para firmar las imagenes con mi web, tal como indicas en el manual, y segundo, a que url debo apuntar en el menu, para mostrar las imagenes creadas por los usuarios. Gracias.

Ya está todo funcionando perfectamente, solo me queda un pequeño detalle: la traduccion de algunas frases, sale en ingles, he editado el . po, pero aun asi, esto es lo que no traduce :

Please select a category

You should to add some text to your poster

Click here to see your poster.

el .po funciona correctamente, he cambiado algun texto, y va bien, son solo esas frases, y evidentemente, son las mas importantes

Hola Sney, ¿aun no conseguiste solucionar el problema de la traduccion? así, no puedo trabajar con el, saludos.

Hola, te acabo de enviar la actualización, perdón por la demora.

ok, gracias

Can you tell me if this plugin is still supported?

Yes, it still supported and works on wordpress 4.4.2

Hi, Would it be possible to dynamically increase the text area? (to add few more lines of text dynamically, as is it typed?) Please do let me know in any case, thank you!


No, but If you buy I can make this change for you.

Do this plugin still work with the newest version of Wordpress. I really like it. How do I make a latest Posters on my own site?

Yes, it works on the new version of wordpress. I’m not sure about your second question. you want them to be displayed on a sidebar?

Hello, why i have dual posts lok at: http://stripko.com

Hello, I can’t see the dual post in the url you sent me. are they the same content with different url or the same url?

I hawe fix the problem, thanks :)

Hello, Please treat this as urgent. How can I get a documentation on how to use this plugin. Thank you

hi, the documentation is inside the zip file you downloaded. here is a link to the online version:


Help – I installed this plugin on newspaper 7 theme and it KINDA seems to work.

(1) The text for Title (write something) and subtext (funny) is off to left of poster. The WRIT is off onto the white space of the page. (IE they are not centering like it does on your demo but left aligned center off of poster)

(2) How do you exactly add a new category (step by step please because I do not see how). All I see under the poster menu is View poster, Add New Poster, Tags and Slug – none of which allows me to create/delete categories)

(3) How do you remove the three categories that you have (assuming if can do step 1 can then remove them)



  1. could you please send me a link to your page to see what the problem is? sometimes is a css in the theme that overrides the plugin style
  2. you should go to
    1. “demotivational poster” on the left toolbar,
    2. “poster categories”,
    3. here you can add and delete categories

I am a bit curious about this plugin, does it make a file I can send to a printer? What kind of poster, can I have a user upload a high res image, place text over it like say, a magazine cover and they add text, then send it to a printer for printing?


It produce a png file which is uploaded to your wordpress uploads folder. it is for creating meme images like this one.

the resulting image is not high res.

Pre-purchase question: When using on mobile (iPhone specifically) and you select ‘Take Photo’ instead of choosing from your photo album…If you take the photo in portrait mode (vertically) the resulting image appears on the poster very squished and also I am not able to place it in a specific position on the poster. Is there any way this can be corrected?

if this worked correctly on mobile devices it would be a great plugin. But the canvas doesn’t adjust to fit a mobile screen. However, I think it’s an easy fix using the CSS calc property so I will probably still buy. Hopefully seller comes back around and addresses the issue. thanks


I’ll take a look at it, In what browser are you having issues?

All of them. I tested them all. Mobile and desktop. Android and iOS

thanks, Rob


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Hi, How can i add categories? Also, is it possible to add another line or if text is longer than one line to automatically make another line?

Thank you.


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Yes, it is in post categories… i didn’t even notice.

Please let me know how to modify that text is in multiple lines.

Thank you.


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Can you help me with this?


dmula Purchased

Two weeks and no answer. Support doesn’t work either.

Me interesa mucho el plugin pero veo que cuando comparto cualquier imagen en facebook aparece la imagen principal de la pagina y no el meme en específico que pretendo compartir; es posible solucionar esto?