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I need a player built for one song only.

The player was built and styled specifically for multi-song usage. But the script is very flexible and when it only finds one song it will adjust accordingly. The previous and next songs will automatically hide themselves, but some style changes probably need to be made to fit a look more suited for one song.

Start with the “no-button.html” example in the download. Next, open the “css/cj_music.css” file and perform the following changes:

- Change ”.cj-music-no-button” width to 173px

- Delete the “left” property entirely inside ”.cj-current-song”

- Change the ”.cj-current-song” width to 112px

- Change ”.cj-music-controls” margin-left to 132px

Finally delete the following html markup inside each player in the “nobutton.html” file:

<!-- The current song number -->
<p class="cj-music-numbers">/</p>

<!-- divider line -->
<span class="cj-divider cj-divider-one" />

<!-- The previous song button -->
<span class="cj-music-left" />

<!-- The next song button -->
<span class="cj-music-right" />

Once this is achieved, you can change it to the black or grey skin if you want (additional “class” options when the plugin markup starts).

The player isn’t working in IE8

This is likely because IE8 uses the backup Flash version and Flash doesn’t always like to play nice when run locally. This won’t happen once you upload the player to your web server. Here’s a short tutorial that might help:

(for OSX , you can find the Flash Player settings by viewing your “system preferences”)