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html5multiplewebsitebuilder supports this item


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ollid Purchased

Hello, you have a reseller lizence for me?

thank you olli webmaster@ollid.com

Hello I buy a license on 06.19.2016

and after installation on my server , I see lots of beug and lack of script page !!!!!

example in admin mode, if I click on “categories” ca redirects me to a page / admin / classes / list and make me the “404 not found” it reproduces this error on multiple link either in admin or normal onscreen user you have the problem of script? you can check please , ? Here is my license code : f753b891-30af – 4f06 – a0a3 – b48ef8f16538

Do you have subdomain support

this is abandoned? demo is dead? no updates for over a year?

it should be removed from codecanyon!

very good, but a bit mis-selling, looks asif comes with templates, but doent, if it does, please email me download link

Hello, is there a demo for this? The live demo link is dead..

Is this still being supported?

Is this still being supported?


let me know if i buy your plugin will you help support or not

Unfortunately no new upgraded version….

hi the demo its not working,please provide some demo.thank you

hi its still supported your product and please provide some demo.thank you

So sorry to see this script is (apparently) no longer being supported. Appeared to be exactly what I was looking for! :-(

Is this easy to translate and does it work with a SSL certificate?

Demo doesn’t work anymore…

hello there I want to buy the script , but can you confirm if it has more templates or just 4 as it it shows ? which language framework is it written in ?

I would also like to know whether this item is still being developed/supported. I see the domain is inactive and for sale.

Is this still working?