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demo dont found

Hello contact because I bought a license, congratulations on the script I was asking some information.

- I saw that it supports the PHP function up to 5.6, will there be an implementation?

- I wanted to know how to translate texts into Italian is possible? I wanted to know the language file to translate?

- Did I want to know about HTTPS support? I would like to have the site already viewed with HTTPS?

- I asked where I can insert my e-mail of the contact form because I can not find it? I tried to send an e-mail but I did not receive it

- I wanted to know when someone registers to create a website for free, why do not I receive notification?

- Once the customer pays the sum, is the symbol already seen automatically appearing as a paid customer for the domain name?

- If someone wants to run the domain name, is there a parkting system? how should I make it work with the redirect system? or the possibility of running aliases? I await your response.

- If I would like to create other pages on the presentation site, how should I do?

- Can the registration form be expanded to request further data from the user for registration of the domain name and billing?

- I asked with the classic free registration, have access to unlimited pages and the possibility to create unlimited catalog products? could you make restrictions?

I await your response.

Demo not working! :(