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m1cky Purchased

When user join mysite at http://www.quyah.com/FreeBullder/ user get the message thanks for using HTML5WEBSSITEBUILDER. How do I get rid of that message and have you any supporting documents for the site so I can add some more templates.


I keep getting this error and it wont let me install the website builder CMS. My hoster is Sitegrounds I uploaded the site to it using an FTP server upload.

ERROR: SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

MySQL extension needs to be loaded for our site to work! HTML5 Multiple Website Builder Installation

version 1

Checking server requirements

PHP Version: 7.0.15 5.0+ Ok Session Auto Start: Off Off Ok MySQL: Off On Not Ok GD: On On Ok config_inc.php Writable Writable Ok

DONT buy this demo site is down and no support given – CODECANYON sould refund all those in support and remove this item

Can you please give me the demo link?

Hi. Are you still alive?

Hoping you could help me with your HTML5 site builder script. Is there a newer version?

Anyone have this etup & working?

user cannot get past register page, flags up error 500

I sort of got it working but a few bugs. www.webnicityhosting.com. Lacks a lot.

Hi, is it really working? I could not see the demo working

Live preview is not working? How can I use this script to sell the service to my client and charge them yearly?

do u r system support subdomain or host main domain

if it is possible i will purchase

hi, your demo web is not working. kindly fix it, thanks


Is this still available and supported?

As previously mentioned, the demo is not working.

Would you let me know if it’s still available or fixed?

Thank you in advance.

Your demos are not working….

Hello there portuguese translation?

Will user websites be on sub domain of main site or their own domain?

demo not used.

Is there only one template? Hope you offer more templates.

Demo not working. It takes you to a parking site!! :-(

Does this plugin even work? Is it still supported? I don’t see a working demo, and I see a lot of user complaints.