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Great Product. I found it very easy to adapt the artwork to my specifications.

Problem: In Firefox 23.01 everything looks good… player is not responsive.

In IE 7 artwork is missing and player not responsive.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Hi my last comment was erased… I’ve bought your player but it doesn’t work on Firefox (24.0)...

Waiting for your reply…... Best

When I add more than two songs, the player dissapears

Pre Sell Question relating firefox (Mac). It doesnt seem to work. Checked your wordpress version too. Can you fix that? It would be an awesome player!

Hi…will this work in wordpress?


Hello, It seems my last comment was deleted. I have this working on every browser except for Firefox, please advise. Thanks

it works great! if we want to put a counter, is there an easy way to do it? like i want to know how many times a song was played.

thank you

player can play youtube? pls update it !!!

hi !!.. i can only add 2 link on playlist.. i try to add more link on playlist not working why ??

{title”, author”, cover”, background”, mfile“},

No Live Preview

WARNING: you will not get any support from isaiah turner, who had offered support on this item since the developer is no longer offering support. he strung me along for a week and then insulted me for “being a jerk” for lack of better terms because i had emailed him several times wondering why he had promised to help and wasnt responding. he responded once promising to get back to me the next day because he was tired. he didnt get back to me for 3 days. the first time i emailed him, all he did was reply with “is it working now?” instead of answering any questions. he is telling me i dont know anything about PHP. he told me it was stupid for me to buy the product if i “know nothing” about coding…i would have never have bought the product if he hadn’t posted and offered support. i code for a living, and i think the plugin is just plain broken. i can’t figure out the problem. now i am looking to get a refund. sorry to break the news to you guys who really wanted a nice looking HTML5 player!!

Can you help me with a shuffle button ?

Hello i tried to put the player on my website but it just stays in the middle of the whole page how do i take away all the positioning? Thanks

Your live preview is down

Live Preview is not working!

Have tried it several times today from different computers

where is demo??? is easy this player embed to website page? Can be each radio add logo/ image?

hello support?? Where r u?

nine months later and still no preview

Can I embed this player on web page?

Hi! is this plugin phonegap compatible? or is it easy to port