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PLease which type of sony can i uses ? mp3 ???

Please , i get the following error : http://grab.by/rEJM


I have a problem uploading a song Add all the parameter

I mark the following:

Under the title ”;} else {echo ‘ shows the following: $ row [‘player_name’]}

the player from the dropdown list

and finally when I give in to add songs New song added!

but adds nothing

Hi There,

Can you please let me know if this plugin will allow multiple instances on the same page, I am ready to purchase but I need to know if it has this functionality first as this is where other players have failed for me.

Is there any support for this plugin?

I’ve installed it and the songs are playing but the playlist does not show? Please help.

http://temp4.ri-web.com/portfolio/the-revue-duo under the ‘audio’ tab

Awesome! I have a project where it should be able to download the tracks from the playlist, but I think I´m able to integrate it by coding. What I dont know is how to display the player with a waveform, like you know from soundcloud. Is there a way to do it? Best Tom



i want Enter the MP3 File from a URL , how i do ?

Hi…seems my player is missing an image or something on the volume and playback sliders….see screenshot…


Thanks for any help!


How is it possible to re-sort the songs on a player playlist after they have been added? Thanks in advance!

Does this player work with SoundCloud?

Hello, am sending you an email now with questions. I can not get cover artwork or background artwork to show. I also cannot get mp3s to play. SOMETIMES, when I upload a new song to the player, I get “error 2.” Sometimes I don’t, and it says it was successful. Either way, no plays, no images. Looks terrible. I purchased this based on the fantastic screen shot. Out of all the other players out there, this one looked the best and had the features I absolutely needed. Now I’m punching myself for paying what little money I have for a plugin I’ve been spending all day trying to get to function.

If anyone knows of a great alternative to this plugin, please let me know. I am looking for a non-flash music player that will feature some sort of list of tracks (playlist) and album artwork. The ability to make the image, artist name or track title into a link is a big plus.

Thanks Been searching and searching!

WARNING anyone thinking about buying this. There are many bugs with it and there is no support as you can see MONTHS have gone by with no questions answered.

Look for other music players!

is there a way I can create an embed code so other blogs can use my playlist as well? example: Youtube & Soundcloud embed codes works anywhere…

Does this work with WordPress 4.3

Thanks for the tip terryatsm! not buying it !

How can i add a buy now button on the songs with woocommerce?