HTML5 Meme Maker

HTML5 Meme Maker

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HTML5 Meme Maker

Version 1.5.2 – Bug Fixes for Firefox

Bug fixes for latest version of Firefox.

Version 1.5! Now with Admin Panel to delete memes!

Again, by popular request, Meme Maker comes with an Admin page to delete memes

Demo page: User: demo Pass: demo

HTML5 Meme Maker - 1
HTML5 Meme Maker - 2

More features coming up!

Version 1.4! Adds Meme Rating, Popular Memes Page! By popular request, Meme Maker now comes with a rating system.

New Features

  • Now you can rate memes!
    See this
    HTML5 Meme Maker - 3
  • New Popular memes page lists most rated memes!
    HTML5 Meme Maker - 4
  • Recent Memes page also shows rating for memes!
    HTML5 Meme Maker - 5
  • New look for recent memes page!

Version 1.3! Load higher resolution images like 800×600! and Bug Fixes
  • Now you can upload images of much bigger sizes like 800×600, 1024×920 or any size!
  • Meme maker is improved to handle these bigger images
  • Bug fix: Facebook like issue fixed
  • Bug fix: Link issue fixed

Version 1.2! Security Enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Enhanced Security Adds additional checks to make sure your server is safe from script kiddies. Thanks to blazedd for good feedback!
  • Recent Memes sort issue fixed

Version 1.1 New Features and bug-fixes!
  • Users can upload their own images and make a meme! (Can be disabled in settings)
  • Pagination On Recent Memes page
    HTML5 Meme Maker - 6

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Title not showing sitename issue
  • Fixed some images in recent not showing properly issue

Upcoming Features

  • Admin panel
  • Recent Memes sort control

This HTML5 + PHP script provides you with a full fledged Meme Maker for your website.


  • Upload any image you want, comes with a set of pre-installed meme templates to get you started
  • Fully HTML5 Meme Maker
  • User Canvas and other advanced techniques
  • Works on Mobile devices like iPad, iPhone etc
  • Drag text captions, choose size, color, outline
  • Create and share to Facebook
  • Each generated meme gets its own page that can be shared anywhere!