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Great product, good luck with sales.

Thank you! We hope our product will help you!

Very nice :)

Do you have any examples of displaying the results from a mysql databse?

Thank you!

Actually widgets are pure client-side. So you need to implement an intermediate server-side service which will interact with the database and return the data you need (XML or JSON for example). Then you need to call this service from JS code and pass the results to the widget using setValue method:


We will think about implementation of client-side sample illustrating this action.

demo not working. is there sample integrated with php mysql for data?

Thank you for the feedback, we have fixed demo. If we got your point, you need to output some data with the help of a widget. Is this correct?

As for the ready-made samples, unfortunately, we don’t have such, but we will consider implementing this in the future.

If you have a strong urge for this, you can use the following links to make one yourself.

1) – mysql manual 2) – in this article in Setting Values section you can find information on how to set values for widget’s elements

PerfectWidgets is a client-side technology that allows working with the widgets as with any other html+js code in php.

Hello Team,

I am planning to use your script for my client web application.

Is this allowed in your license?

Best Wishes, Siva Kumar S

Yes, this is allowed by our license.


Your demo and preview are very good. So we purchased it and downloaded the file. But the downloaded file just includes two grey charts. Where are other charts you list on your demo and preview?


I am really liking the amount of different gauges.. But the only trouble is that I can’t seem to find how to choose a different gauge.

Hi, I purchased it. I encountered a problem with the clock. When the value pass to 59 to 0 for the seconds or the minutes for example, the needle go back counterclockwise. Any idea? Thanks for your help. Regards – Here you will find more information on the properties. Please pay special attention to the Animation section.

HI we are going to buy this iteam. bfor that one question that can we change the color theme from blue to any other color. just we need to change background color.

is that posble?

waiting for reply.

Hello. Yes, according to our dev team, this is possible.

Very nice job