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Very fun to play with!

I like this game. Is the music easy to change as well? Looks fun.

Yes, especially if you use Construct 2 to do so with the source and reexport. The only note to mention is you can’t use mp3. I usually use wav format and construct 2 will automatically make .ogg and .m4a so that the sounds/music will work with all browsers.

It is fun.

I feel it too easy, but still can be for kids or loading’s during long process.

Nice Job there.


Thanks! It does get harder, but it does take a long time before it gets difficult. Thanks for the comment.

Hello, do you have plans to add objects and functions?

I don’t have any plans at the moment. What is it you had in mind? I’m all for improving it, if possible.

Nothing special, but I would have done a loading bar, it is not clear if the game is loading …

Well there is a loading screen with the construct 2 logo on there. If you wished to change that. open the game folder and find the the file named “loading-logo”. Take the image you wish to replace it with (under 320×480 dimensions because that is the resolution of the game screen. smaller would be better eg. 128×128) and name it exactly “loading-logo” and replace it in the game folder. And when you start the game again It will show your image for the loading screen and a loading bar under it. If you are talking about the splash screen (where it says “your logo here”), that is just timed and can be changed via construct 2 program. hope that helps! And I’ll keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks for the purchase!

Fun game, made me a little dizzy going up for some reason, maybe because I just woke up.

Would it be real difficult to add horizontal levels too, maybe there already are are?

Anyways, do you have to buy Construct 2 to edit this game or can it be done with the free version?

Well done!

Umm, you’d have to change most of everything to make it go horizontal. Not that it’s more difficult or any harder, just different. Construct 2 has a 100 “event” limit on the free version. I did this game in about 60. So a fair bit can still be done in the free version(40 more events). Changing /adding images, moving stuff around and changing values can be done with no limit. adding new events(the scripting) has 100 event limit and you are also limited to 4 layers. html5 export is free. I was going to make a infinite runner pretty soon here. If you’d like follow me for that one. Hope I answered your question, thanks!

This works fine on iOS (except that there’s no sound). But when I test it on a Galaxy Player 5.0, it doesn’t seem to respond to the accelerometer tilting at all. The character just jumps straight up. Any ideas?

Is the sound from the projects original sounds or something you added? I can’t help with the other issue unless you wish to send me the source file with the changes you made. It is thanksgiving, but I can take a quick look and see if there is an easy solution. My email: surreptitious.games@gmal.com

Can you support me how to fix issue of try again button in game over. Sometime it work Sometime it don’t work. I must click ten time for make it work. Thanks

Well, I’ve not run into the problem myself. I suspect your device that you are running the game on might be slow or an out of date web browser. Without anymore information I can’t reproduce that issue to fix. Let me know if there is anything else, thanks!