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Hi I buy this player But i have problem for work

Please refund my money


Can you explain in detail what is the problem on your side?


Can you explain in detail what is the problem on your side?

What is subtitles format accepted?


Subtitles support srt / vtt format.



Dayce79 Purchased

help out here… I cannot see any video or thumbs into the uploaded folders in my local server.. can i please get just four lines how to configure it with xampp.. i imnstall the admin, could do all, edit , create playlist but when i upload videos or thumbs, i cant find them so player cannot play any video..


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Dayce79 Purchased

yeah thats find, Tho i have never used this script since I bought it, its just now I looked at it and figure. never even ever tried to iinstall it at all…... let me get one thing clear, what does the admin back end does? can we manage everything from the back end so we dont have to border to go through the player and manually insert playlists? plus..can you upload videos from your computer via the back end and it goes straight away to the upload directory and the player automatically plays them??

will consider getting support if I am sure the player can believe these coz i looked again tro the documentation, not sure what it can do.. let me know i wil get the support, hopping if i run tro problems, i ll get u assist me..

And yeah i know what envato support is. this is basically asking you what the script can do…

Hi there, does your plugin support: - Shoutcast / Icecast? - Option to buy tune?

Also: - How long can a YouTube playlist be? I want a playlist containing about 200 videos. - How long can an mp3 playlist be? I want a playlist containing about 200 mp3s. - What level of IT skill do l need to install and customise this plugin?


What kind of solution are you looking for this feature?


I want to sometimes scroll photos, sometimes scroll songs, sometimes scroll a YouTube playlist (for when l do physical exercise for example).

The YouTube playlist thing would be for myself, and others, to enjoy.

But l might want to use a different instance to sell songs that l’ve made as well. Hence l’d like a PayPal buy it now button (and Apple Pay or Sage Pay or whatever) for some songs.

And why not show people photos that l’ve taken, and also art that l’ve made?

And hey, why not put it all into one instance of the plugin? Hence my questions :^)

There is no limit on how long playlist can be.

There is no PayPal or Apple Pay solution here.

Hello, I have two specific questions with respect to the mode displayed at this page deploy/index_multiple.html 1) Depending on the size of the frame, the icon and scroll over pop up menu for speed playback sometimes disappears and 2) when the slowest speed is selected the sound disappears.

I am developing a language learning site and the ability for users to slow down a voice is sometimes very useful.

Your thoughts and ideas will be most welcome. Regards klegrant

Hi Thank you for your quick response. Audio can be heard on all, it seems, but not at the slowest speed You can see an uploaded version of the above page at…. holomeme.net/deploy/index_multiple.html It is a direct copy with one short video I created that is added with identical paths to those in the original purchased files…..I am not a coder and would be getting a developer to assist me in setting this page up with all the feature I wish to include ie subtitles…. Thanks for the assist

Playback controls icon do not show up on my mobile (Oppo FS1)


Playback rate has these values:

localRateArr=[0.25,0.5,1,1.25,1.5,2],//self hosted media

I think 0.25 should be removed, then you could retest.

If you are not able to modify the code send a private message so I can do it.


Playback rate is disabled on mobile since its not supported on most mobiles:


Thank you for the info that clarified and offer….How do I get a private message to you for this…


Bob_L Purchased

I recently purchased this player and have been setting it up in my new site… I am getting the individual playlist options to work fine… but I am now trying to do audio folder lists and these do not work. In fact, your index_dark.html example does not work on my system either.

I even uploaded and tested on my server host and it still fails… I have tested this same example on your live server site and the folder lists work fine… all fail on my system… images, video and audio.

The screen just goes black when I select one of the folder options.

Any thoughts?

Bob :L


Upload unmodified deploy folder in empty directory on your server, open api.html demo page and set in settings:


and show me the link to your page through this form:



Hello Tean,

It is difficult to play a video on an AndroidTV with a remote because you have to press a button (YOUTUBE Play). For example, in this video, (http://www.dockydoc.com/tv/tvv/index_bg_TV.php?editid1=600-5Q23) it is possible to access PREVIOUS ARROW, NEXT ARROW, SOUND but difficult to access the YOUTUBE PLAY Icon. Is it possible to create a button to simulate the PLAY Command ? Thanks Olivier

Is it possible to have a BUTTON (a the bottom right) to simulate the PLAY of Youtube

The whole area in front of the video can be clicked to play/pause video.

You could add a button as well, and attach this code to it:

<a href="#" onClick="ivag_player.playMedia(); return false;">Play current media </a>

Hello Tean
Is there a way, if there is no click on the play button util 5 seconds, to simulate a click automaticaly ?
Thanks for that

Hello Tean, Do you have a sample of a mixed playlist (Youtube Video, Picture, Vimeo, ...) Thanks for that Olivier

Thank you Tean
I will check that

Hello Tean,
Another question
Is there a way to mix several Youtube Playlists ?
For example, I have 3 youtube playlists (YTPL01, YTPL02, YTPL03) and I want to play YTPL01 for 50 mn, then YTPL02 during 45mn and YTPL03 during 30mn

OK Thanks
So when a playlist is finished, it will play the next one ?
Could you show me how to do it ?

There is a callback in new_cb.js file, ivagPlaylistEnd which will fire when playlist finised, but there is nothing to load next playlist automatically.

There is an API method for load playlist on request, examples are in index_api.html file.

ivag_player.loadMedia('playlist-video'); return false;

OK Thank You


mytom Purchased

Hello Tean,

I think there is an error with the random mode (and ‘addTrack’ command).

Example: Player has ‘random mode enable’.

If i load a playlist, then i destroy it.

Then when I want to add tracks list (with ‘ivag_player.addTrack’ command), there is an error ‘TypeError: b.position(...) is undefined’. And the player crash.

I think the array of first list (‘randomArr’) is not reset.

Could you check that ?

Thanks. Thomas

Tean, and this video capture to show you that the error also occurs without points 2 and 3: http://live.livehost.fr/record2.mp4

I have updated the package.

thank you Tean, it works !

Hello Tean
Could you send me an XML playlist with a mix of pictures, youtube single videos, youtube playlists, etc.
Thanks for that

You have to read the documentation and copy examples from all the included demos.

Hello Tean
I can’t figure out to make the creation process with the database ADMIN to work
I can create a playlist (but that s all), I can t edit or view it
Thanks for your advices


I just downloaded your latest upgrade, unzipped it and tested the index_bg_ads.html file in the unzipped folder by clicking on the file. No edit at all.

The video is running fine but the buttons data/close-btn.png is not working in the example. It is working in your demo: http://www.interactivepixel.net/env/jivag/index_bg_ads.html

It is working in my 2016 version. It is a bug in the latest upgrade. How to fix it?

I have just made an update.

Hello Tean Is there a way, if there is no click on the play button util 5 seconds, to simulate a click automaticaly ? Thanks for that Olivier

Sorry no.

Hello tean.

i’m working with categories. Is there a simple way to remove current categories and load new categories?

for example, I have a first list ivag-playlist-list and a second list ivag-playlist-list2.

var settings = { ... playlistList:"#ivag-playlist-list", ... } .. <!-- category list loaded on start --> <div id="ivag-playlist-list"> <div class="ivag-playlist" id="playlist-image"> <div class="ivag-playlist-data" data-thumb="../media/category/jivag/image.png"> </div> ... </div> <div class="ivag-playlist" id="playlist-video"> <div class="ivag-playlist-data" data-thumb="../media/category/jivag/video.png"> </div> ... </div> </div> <!-- other category list (not appear on start) --> <div id="ivag-playlist-list2"> <div class="ivag-playlist" id="playlist-image2"> <div class="ivag-playlist-data" data-thumb="../media/category/jivag/image.png"> </div> ... </div> </div>

What should I do to empty the currently loaded categories (ivag-playlist-list) and load a new list ivag-playlist-list2? Is it possible?

thanks, thomas.


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Yes OK, renewed!

There is no built in method to do this. I guess it requires some custom jquery methods to destroy playlist, then empty all categories, reset scroll, and start loading new one, but this is going to be next to impossible if you are using deeplinking.