HTML5 Games Bundle ( 3 Awesome Games )

HTML5 Games Bundle ( 3 Awesome Games )

HTML5 Games Bundle ( 3 Awesome Games , Special offer )

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In this bundle ypu will get beautiful color stack, Space run and Rubiks cube, all game have real time score counter and you can place ads and make money with this game, a profitable purchase

Games :- 1- Stack tower game
2- Space run game
3- Rubiks cube game


3D Games




Super fast process

No loading time

Addective game

Free Reskin

we will build free android game app


Publish on PlayStore

Publish on AppStore

Support Browser

Support Android

Support iOS

Mobile friendly

If you don’t know how to code and need help in publishing on server and playstore then we provide free support

With this game purchase we are giving you free resking and one android app build and help in publish game on server and google play store. for android app of this game we build icon, splash screen, and android game 100% free with this game purchase and we will enable admob by which you can make money from two side.
Adsense and Admob two earning method at same time it mean, earn from browser and android app.

These all games support google play store, we will build a free android app for you after purchasing this game.

Check Demo On Browser

Click here to see demo on browser

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