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DenonStudio supports this item


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I’m considering a purchase, but I would really like to have that randomize feature that rifleman98atm is talking about.

Is it hard to implement?

Best regards, Linus

Hi guys, I’m developing a single-page website, that changes only the background when the user clicks on menu items.

I’m in the same boat. Can your script do that?

Hi, I am confused by the license

for example would I be able to have a art gallery

and sell the artwork? with standard license

Hi I love this gallery. It works beautifully and is very easy customizable. It would be great if also the duration of the transition effect (the effect itself, not the in between the pics) could be timed.

Hi – I need to have a list of slides that are called from a database.

Ok, so i assume that it is doable – the main thing i need to do is click through from a thumbnail and then load the slider page with the relevant slide called first followed by the others.

Can this be done?


whit swipe on ipad?


Does is possible to place menu on top?

Best regards Nor

Hi, its possible to link the menu with a specific slide?? If yes How can i do ??? Thank in advance

There is no preview…

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Denon does this support swipe?

hola por favor necesito ayuda, las imagenes no se ven completas. tengo el tamaño de 1732×1155 pero en la parte de abajo de la imagen no se ve completo por favor ayuda.