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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you

Hello, can you do something like the following :

This is awesome. There is something wrong with the alignment of the canvas in chrome. Is there any support for this to report an issue?

Canvas is aligned to the left. When you draw it only draws on half the page and not the other half, but the pixels seem to be aligned to the left so it’s the most left plus the number of pixels of the canvas where you can draw and not the <canvas>. No Javascript errors are showing, but I uploaded a screenshot here:

Thanks for letting me know. It seems like chrome doesn’t add margins to element’s position. To fix this open “helper.js” and on line #158 change: left: $(’#canvas-holder’).position().left to left: $(’#canvas-holder’).position().left + left: $(’#canvas-holder’).css(‘margin-left)

This works: #158: left: $(’#canvas-holder’).position().left + $(’#canvas-holder’).css(‘margin-left’),

How do I run this using <canvas> instead of < d i v id="canvas-holder" style="border:1px solid #000000;" >< /div>


Is it possible to draw ontop of an image and save the resultant ‘annotated image’ ?

Also, is text an option on this or just drawing ?

Thanks Steve

Can anyone show me online example for this script???? Please reply me ASAP.

Can you make logotype builder like this It will be very popularity script and I will purchase license for it.

good work. very nice

Hi! I want to buy your old plugin wich one is no more avaliable on codecanyon. It is possible?