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1) i get an under construction message when i click embed 2) i cannot save ..it generates a new url, but no charts are there..please help

sound list you database is not set up. Can you send me details of you set it up (use email)


I am a newbie trying to create simple JS charts. When I buy this dashboard designer, would I be able to create dashboards “offline”? On my desktop? And then generate a html page along with CSS/JS files?

Sorry but do you have instructions to install this on WAMP?

Please ignore the question. Figured out. Thanks.

Sure thing. Ninja

I have your dashboard on a godaddy server as a subdomain. dash.swinevetcenter.com

it doesn’t work. Even the demo. I’ve also tried on my local machine as localhost with the same results. What is happening?

I never did get it to work while it was on the godaddy server (even with the subdomain) but did get it to work on our NAS’s webserver so that will work ok for now at least.

Now there’s an issue with connecting and pulling data from the mysql database. I’m playing around with a simple 2 column mysql table where I’m trying to bring the name and email into your dashboard table.

The following script is ugly but works.

<?php $servername = “godaddy_server”; $username = “db_user”; $password = “db_password”; $dbname = “db_name”;

// Create connection $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); // Check connection if ($conn->connect_error) { die(“Connection failed: ” . $conn->connect_error); }

$sql = “SELECT * FROM serviceman”;

$result = $conn->query($sql);

if ($result->num_rows > 0) { // output data of each row while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { echo “

”; echo “”; echo “”; echo “”; } } else { echo “0 results”; }

$conn->close(); ?>

echo "
” . $row[‘name’] . “” . $row[‘email’] . “

I have the config.php file set up as your video showed but it got really foggy after that.

what would I need to put into the “Select statement” text area (currently I”m getting a thumbs down and no records-check select statement prompt) and what do I put into the table row data and/or the table row data url boxes?


I would start out with an example that is working and then tweak it (using your tables, etc).You know it’s working if the examples are working. -Ninja

Did you purchase PHP Dashboard v4 or HTML Cloud Dashboards?

I get an error table with the chart when I click preview. Call Stack
  1. Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0020 394120 {main}( ) ...\index.php:0
! ) Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:\wamp64\www\php\preview\index.php on line 3625
( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: mode in C:\wamp64\www\php\preview\index.php on line 3632 Call Stack
  1. Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0020 394120 {main}( ) ...\index.php:0

That a server error. I would google message. Also compare your server settings with phpdashboardv5.dataninja.biz/php/phpinfo.php (note: this is from another script but they all run on the same server)


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Hi. Love the product however when selecting the D3, highmaps and / or leaflet options, the result is a thumbnail on the canvas with a separate square outline. Product becomes unresponsive and page needs to be refreshed. Happens on all browsers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Please send me your developer console error message on your browser. If demo works then has something to do with installation. I’m UI developer/UX designer, not a server expert so I can’t troubleshoot custom server installs. But if you consider installing on siteground.com (start up shared hosting – $3.95/month) I can help since this is what I use and develop on. I am not an affiliate of theirs it’s just the service I use and I’m familiar with. Otherwise, send me errors and let’s see if I can help. – Ninja

can we integrate it with google map?

you have the source to do so.


I noticed a strange error – when you add zoomable circle packing and highchairs the zoomable circle packing is not zooming. Can you please take a look?

You are right. There is a conflict between highsoft libraries and d3js when doing zooming. The zooming does work, just not with highchart on the dashboard. I will report bugs with them. Unfortunately, not in position to debug their code. I am using source code straight out of the highcharts and d3js websites. – Sorry, Ninja