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Looks interesting might work for me I have some pre-sale queries please….

  1. Can I get it to work on other databases like Sql Server. I saw the video, but it does not show if there is an Sql / db scripts I need to install.
  2. Is there a list of functions for edits/saving the dashboard n the server side.
  3. It would be nice to have a way to create a login screen and not show the data to everyone, but users with a password.
  4. Is it full self contained and does it have everything I would need. In the description, no 3rd party dependencies or changes are listed, but then I see API keys like cloudmade.com, are these required? do I need to buy subscriptions there, is this only for the demo or will I need to buy other subscriptions.
  5. Does the purchased version have comments in the JavaScript functions – in the demo there are many errors inside the firefox debuggerSynchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/
  6. In your latest update it shows Bootstrap, but the items do not resize, some of the charts are overlapping
  7. By when or what updates do you have planned for a road-map, I have a couple of ideas I wanted to share if it fits my needs
  8. I like the options listed, please tell me whats the difference between the Silent POST, HTML versions it 



Hi Ninja, after playing with it seems like a good fit, my friend referred me to it, I will show my boss next week.

For point #4 do I need cloudmade or mapbox accounts?

What is the purpose of cloudmade here, what does it do, and which chart does it apply to?

May I know is there any help (beside the video) on the html/Javascript code side, so I maybe able adapt it to my needs

just mapbox. not sure where cloudmade reference is coming from. unfortunately, I am the sole developer of the script so videos were all I could do for documentation for this script. -ninja

if you search you js code it shows cloudmade.com

I paid so I would get support (other wise I would use opensource if there was no support or help). I have also bought your other products directly or through my clients, but I was hoping support would be better.

There is some guess work involved right now, and I think it would be straight forward and simpler if it was easy to understand how to customize (without the help docs this is going to be hard, at least the main js function calls and what to look at). For e.g. there is no clear documentation on what/which front end function calls making the save, edits, update, deletes

Pics for ref https://i.imgsafe.org/d05d61c313.png

  1. What is the data definition/object/structure for saving the dashboard settings, what are you passing back from/to the database? and which Js function is doing this?
  2. The top menu overflows behind the canvas 
  3. Not working/bug: on the left side of the dashboard for drag panel, I noticed the horizontal/Vertical carousels but after dragging them on the dashboard
  4. When I select the carousel widget and edit the size, they do not resize, and they do not pick up the size from the config panel. Which Js function is applying the change to the widget?
  5. Can you please clarify is the purpose of the Carousels to hold the charts, if so please check, right now the drag carousels do not work
  6. What do I need to do to add more items to the left panel


Hi, the drag and drop function is very confusing, can you explain where the drop is detected and cloned, I want to call a get function on the drop and pass the ID back to server.

Drag of the carousel (left) does not work (text works)

When is the next update, and when is bootstrap coming, it said bootstrap in the purchase.


I use parse-server (parse.com) as my backend and can retrieve the JSON output using REST calls, any chance you could integrate the parse-sdk to make it handle the calls instead?

when you try it the demo does it work?

Nope, I tried using the url in the demo, but I have to pass an API key as well and couldn’t get it retrieving anything

I’ll need to add to roadmap. Not sure when I’ll get to it. Or if you’re a UI developer you can make the change. I include all the source in every purchase. Sorry, ninja

I have been waiting for support answers now for ~2 to 3 weeks.


No support: your product has no support or documentation, this can be verified in the download package – the terms of Envator are very clear – and you don’t state the documentation is missing in the advertised page.


Envato terms: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AhRcfM6zSzM43R61nhdsOvO47KnN


Issues I have pointed out the issues with your item, including screenshots, and code including the drag and drop (for e.g. the carousel does not work)


cant used at all, how do you setup in your own xampp or mamp server?

I’ll updload new zip file today


dicjoe Purchased

ok i will wait for latest update

You need to install HTML5 Dashboard Designer in the root of your domain (e.g. http:l//localhost/) if you need it in a folder use subdomains.

Hi there!

Thanks for this tool, it is sorely needed. Unfortunately, I’m having several stow-stopping issues:

1) the auto scrolling of the elements on the top, make it hard to easily select items (no way to scroll back, to the left, to pick element. Have to wait for it to scroll through.) More of an annoyance, but key UI/UX feature. Also the constant motion is very distracting. Any (easy) way to disable?

2) When placing some elements, the settings panel on the right is fixed, and doesn’t scroll for long settings list. So I cannot get to all settings, or submit the changes. This is a critical bug. I develop on a laptop, so the screen height is ~1440px (less the browser “chrome” UI, such as tabs, URL bar), etc).

3) From the description, it says that there are several D3 chart types, and the other D3 types are included. Where do I find the others? They are not in the dashboard elements.

Thanks very much!

Hi there-

1) In index.html search for `’// do carousel scroller’ comment out code inside $(document).ready(function(). There is a scrollbar on the bottom of each carousel to scroll left to right.

2) I’ll add to bug list. There was a scroll bar but looks like it’s not working in most recent release.

3) All D3 charts currently available are in the blue tab’s carousel.

I’ll get an update out shortly. I’m about to release a new script to create streetmaps with HTML and just trying to get that out. The I’ll add more to HTML5 Dashbaord Designer.


Great, tx!


I’m getting an error message when I attempt to preview items in the Dashboard Drop Area. Error message: Warning: include(config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\home\mywebsite.com\subdomains\charts\php\preview\index.php on line 3597. There are only 3 lines in that file.

Also, when I click Embed, I get an Under Construction message.

do you have php installed on your webserver. The preview feature requires php.

Yes, I have PHP version 5.4.45 installed.

send me an email at dataninja.at.codecanyon@gmail.com. I’ll set up a working version for you on a subdomain on my server that you ftp into. You can compare your installation to.


I’m really looking forward to purchase the html5 dashboard with eChart and Bootstrap features in v1.4. Can you say something about a possible release date in Q1/2017 or the first half of 2017? Or late 2017?

sometime in 2017

can i autoplay and loop youtube video wen load the page?

yes. use setinterval() in javascript to replay video

Hi, is there any way for graphs to interact with each other? for example like dc.js using crossfilter. ejemplo https://dc-js.github.io/dc.js/

cannot access link.

still can’t access. send me an email on what you are trying to do. I’ll try to help. -Ninja


aj1117 Purchased

When attempting to save, I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined variable: dashboard_arr in C:\wamp64\www\php\save\index.php on line 19

Do you have any ideas on how to correct this? Thank you.

you need to run this on a webserver (error message above looks like you’re running on a your filesystem) and also install script on the root of the domain. These should resolve these problems. If not, I will create a subdomain on my server that you can review via ftp. Just email me at dataninja.at.codecanyon@gmail.com -Ninja

also webserver needs to be php enabled.

Can you provide any guidance on properly formatting remote data to feed the charts.

We can’t seem to get our variables into a map.

We tried copying the exact same data structure from your databox and delivering it via http://sample.com/sample.txt file, but don’t get any result.

Just wanted to say you’ve created an amazing tool. Worth every penny.

Thank you. I appreciate you saying that. Care to give it a positive rating? Also, I am about to release a PHP version that has enhanced collaboration features. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the great rating! If you want you can shoot me an email and I will get you a preview copy of php version. Thanks again -ninja dataninja.at.codecanyon@gmail.com

Hi , Why everytime I preview the design – after I dragged and dropped chart/map into page- app open new tab and print the error message ” “Warning: include(config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/u933516317/public_html/ndashmu/php/preview/index.php on line 3597” I did check db and no record added on dashboard table. Thanks please help

if you still can’t get it working, i’ll install an instance on my server and give you ftp access so you can compare your server with mine. just email me – dataninja.at.codecanyon@gmail.com

Hi sorry just read your reply .. I see no difference in phpinfo.. is there any custom or specific .htaccess applied in your site.. please advise Thanks

nope. shoot me email

Does your dashboard support xlsx (excel) data? If not, can you suggest me some? It also can be a wordpress plugin. Thanks

no, sorry. no suggestions but there are javascript libraries that provide this support. Ninja

Hi, I just purchased the HTML5 dashboard designer and I have it set up on my local server (xampp / htdocs), but it doesn’t seem to be rendering properly. Any suggestions?

Install on root of domain. Sub domain is best

Hi, is it possible to use crossfilter / brushing in this dashboard and have the map respond to filtered selections on the other charts and vice versa ?


yes. You will need to take one of the render scripts and code it to do the interactions. Possible but requires coding on your part (e.g. not available thru drag and drop…yet)

- Ninja

many thanks !

I am not able to use the highcharts chart with dates as in this example http://www.highcharts.com/demo/spline-irregular-time. Can you help me?

Can you give me an example?

I’m waiting for a position on example if you can provide me with

Does it work with MSSQL SERVER? Regards

No just mysql


yaroing Purchased


I have just buy your app and I have problem to install on my own computer. Can you help me please.

Best regards.

what error are you getting. email me at dataninja.at.codecanyon@gmail.com.