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Hi, I bought this game. But unfortunately, the pen’s colors are not showing. That’s my chrome version: Google Chrome 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable)

Hi! on what device have you tried the game? Are you testing our demo or did you upload the game in your website? If so, can you send us the link to your website at

I tried it on computer. Surprisingly it work on firefox correctly. I’ve not yet put it online since I continue to translate the other codethislab games I bought.

If you are trying the game locally, is normal. Once you’ll upload the game, it will work properly. Regarding how to add more pictures, to do that, we have to customize the game, write us more details at to get a quotation

Hello, will this be usable in a Laravel Framework?

Hi, actually we don’t use Laravel, so we can’t ensure that the game will work properly in this environment.


This html5 game must install Wordpress?


Hi, the game can be installed also without WordPress simply using an iframe.

Hello, I want to know if possible to add more than 6 Pictures to the game ?

hi, to add more than 6 pictures we have to customize the game. Write us at to get a quote

Hi, you can customize it so that only one image appears directly (the one I want). It is for a web of coloring book where I would insert the code (embed or iframe) with a specific drawing and so on for each drawing published on the web. It’s possible? Thank you.

hello, yes it’s possible, write us at support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation


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actually i want fill tool also to fill area of selected with selected color ?

to add a fill tool we have to change great part of the code. Write at support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation