Discussion on Html5 Coloring Book : Animals - HTML5 Game

Discussion on Html5 Coloring Book : Animals - HTML5 Game

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Hi, i have some CMS, can i load this html with dynamic images from my own cms mybe. so i can manage master image from cms if i want to change.

if we want to just upload our own pdf’s to this game and then embed it into our system on WordPress- is that possible? Thanks

Hello, you can change the images by replacing the current ones with new of the same size and format. New images must be transparent. If you want to use the game in a WordPress website you can upload the game in your server and embed it in an iframe, or you can use our plugin CTL Arcade This plugin allows you to install the game as any wordpress plugin, and improve it by adding advertising, rating system, and social sharing message


Is there a way to add my own Images?

6 images is not enough. Kids will get bored fast.

To keep them interested I have to be able to add / remove images as I like.

I think other people will appreciate this feature as well.


hello, please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

Is the code for this unminified?

hello, you’ll get two versions of the code, a non minified in the folder “game”, and a version minified in the folder “live demo”

Can we upload photos for the painting area? We want to paint the remaining area outside the photo?

hello, we replied to your pm

hello, looks cool. how easy is it to change/add more images from animals to say, fruits?

Hello, you can change the images by replacing the current ones with new of the same size and format. New images must be transparent. To add more images, we have to customize the game. Write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation.

Very cool game. Just one question – if you clikc the info button you have the developed by, logo and web address in the popup window. How do I change that web address? We want people to go to our main website. I have also made contact via the support tab.

If you liked the game and our customer support, please leave us an item rating :) Thanks in advance!

Hi – I sent another support ticket – the game doesn’t seem to be able to save if you access the link via Facebook or Instagram. It opens up in the Social Media browser – but if you click save a few times – the page closes. This is on Mobile and Tablet. In mobile browsers like Chrome – it works perfectly – but the Facebook Browser and Instagram Browser doesn’t allow you to save your images. More details in my ticket.

we replied to your email

On Android, when clicking the Printer icon, it causes the game to crash. Kindly let me know how I can safely remove the printer and save icons?

Hello, you are right. We’ve just released a new update where you can set in the index file these buttons as visible or invisible :)

Your change works perfectly! Thank you!

:D If you liked our customer support service and our game, please leave us an item rating :)

Is it possible to request customization related to saving the images? On the iPad, it saves the image to the file folder with a number name (Image645372) that doesn’t appear to be editable. Could you program a way to name it before saving? Also, it doesn’t work at all on Microsoft Edge. Can it be made to work there as well? Thanks!

please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

Hi there, presale questions:

How it works on WP? I´ts a plugin? An iframe?

Can I put my own custom images? How t works?

Thank you

hello, the game as it is, it’s not a WordPress Plugin and you can use it in your WP wordpress website embedding it into an iframe. If you want to improve the game with many features you can use our plugin CTL Arcade with this plugin you can install the game as any other wp plugin and implement a leaderboard, rating system, advertising and social sharing message. You can change the current images with yours by replacing the files in the sprites folder with new ones of same size and format.

Thanks so much Have a nice day!

you too :) for any further info, feel free to write us! :)

actually i want fill tool also to fill area of selected with selected color ?

to add a fill tool we have to change great part of the code. Write at support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation

Hi, you can customize it so that only one image appears directly (the one I want). It is for a web of coloring book where I would insert the code (embed or iframe) with a specific drawing and so on for each drawing published on the web. It’s possible? Thank you.

hello, yes it’s possible, write us at support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation

Hello, I want to know if possible to add more than 6 Pictures to the game ?

hi, to add more than 6 pictures we have to customize the game. Write us at to get a quote


This html5 game must install Wordpress?


Hi, the game can be installed also without WordPress simply using an iframe.

Hello, will this be usable in a Laravel Framework?

Hi, actually we don’t use Laravel, so we can’t ensure that the game will work properly in this environment.

Hi, I bought this game. But unfortunately, the pen’s colors are not showing. That’s my chrome version: Google Chrome 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable)

Hi! on what device have you tried the game? Are you testing our demo or did you upload the game in your website? If so, can you send us the link to your website at

I tried it on computer. Surprisingly it work on firefox correctly. I’ve not yet put it online since I continue to translate the other codethislab games I bought.

If you are trying the game locally, is normal. Once you’ll upload the game, it will work properly. Regarding how to add more pictures, to do that, we have to customize the game, write us more details at to get a quotation

Hi there, I’m developing a site where I’ll need a coloring book like this one, but without the screen where the user selects the desired drawing. Is it possible to remove the options and have the game initialized directly with a default drawing? Thanks in advance!

Hi, yes it’s possible. We have to customize the game’s code, please write at for further info

Before purchasing I have 2 questions, which browsers will not print/save and also can I use this within a iframe?

Hi, currently the problem in known for some versions of Internet Explorer. You can try the game before the purchase using our live demo You can both embed the game in an iframe, or use our WordPress plugin CTL Arcade:

Many thanks, I have purchased this game.

thank you! :)

Hi, your games looks good. Sorry for the noob questions, but i was usually buy iOS or Android source codes, i want to know how can i convert such game to APK or iOS or even Amazon? can you advice please? thx

Hi! Some of our customers use Phonegap, Cordova or Iudei to port our games into apk successfully

Thanks! i’ll take a look.

How can I have 3 images instead of 6 images?

Hi! You have to change a part of the code, so you need some coding skill, or we can do it for you. For further info about this customization write at


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