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Two questions.

Can we add our own images to be colored.

Also, can we have more than six for kids to choose from?

I would also like to know if images can be added, or at least changed, also can music be changed if desired, and again as above, can more than six be displayed to choose from?

Ok, I saw in documentation that you can change graphics if they are same format and size. I will assume sound can be changed by using same file format also. Not sure if more than six pictures can be used, but that most likely wont matter if pics can be changed. Sorry I didn’t read documentation first.


basically the game works with maximum six images to choose. If you need more images you can contact us at http://codecanyon.net/user/codethislab#contact to hire us for this customization.

Thank you for the answer, if it was used on the same domain, would you allow this script to be installed on other folders where each folder would have a different set of pictures for the purchase of 1 license?

The purpose of this would be to have different themes without having all of them show up on one menu.

My question above got missed. We are wondering…

Two questions.

Can we add our own images to be colored.

Also, can we have more than six for kids to choose from?


you can replace default images with your own. Just you have to respect file type and size. Also, the game works with maximum six images to choose. If you need more images you can contact us at http://codecanyon.net/user/codethislab#contact to hire us for this customization.

Hi there, I bought this game. But sadly, the pen’s colors are not showing. I think you need to update your sources. Screenshot : https://scontent-lga1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/11238960_1001523083214020_3663120558796808511_n.jpg?oh=1052a6b2469fe14813898cdcada7ee27&oe=562706FA

Hi! Thank you for purchasing our game! Could you please tell me which device and which browser did you use?

I’m using Google Chrome browser on Mac Yosemite.

Can you tell me also the version of your operating system and your browser? Because we have tested our game with Chrome on Mac Yosemite and we didn’t encounter this issue

crayons have a problem I colorless appear in gray bottom

could you please explain better your problem or provide us a screenshot? From which device, browser, os did you try the game? Which version of browser and o.s. did you use? write at support@codethislab.com

What is the file format of the six images that can be replaced?

Hi! As written in the documentation http://www.codethislab.com/bozze/codecanyon/coloringbook/readme/#change_graphics You can easily change all the game graphics, replacing the file you need in the ”/sprites” folder. Just respect file format (.png) and size

Please is there a possibility of adding this to my wordpress website.

will you be able to help me with this if i purchased the plugin?

Hi. You mention that some browsers do not support the save or print function. Can you tell me which browser versions these are? Thanks.

We have tried the game on the main browsers and we met some issues with Internet Explorer. If you want to be sure that your browser supports these functions, test them before purchasing the game ;)

Hello! The Undo function undoes everything not just the last action is there a way you can change this? Thank you! Joseph

Hi! We have sent you an email, check your inbox :)

Thanks I got it. That’s too much money for me right now for customization of this project but thank you!

not work in phone only work in web

try the game using this link and tell me if it works http://www.codethislab.com/bozze/codecanyon/coloringbook/

It’s work

please send us the link of your index file at support@codethislab.com

Hello , thanks for the great game ! but i really need a solution to paint it ON TOP of the images . Currently it is painting within the transparent filling area ( png images ) , please help !

hi! we replied to the email you sent us on the 30 of December. Since then we haven’t received any further email. Can you please send it again?

hello , i had sent you email , please check . thanks !

just replied ;)

Is this game customizable?

sure! for game’s customization please send an email with a detailed list of your requirements at support@codethislab.com

I created a dreamweaver website, should I be editing the sprites, and uploading directly to my server, or can I link the game using iframes on my dreamweaver website, and upload the entire site to my server and the game still work?

Hi! I’m sorry but we don’t know how does dreamweaver work to upload a game

Good Morning, OK would you be able to tell me how I will allow others to play this game, it says in the instructions to upload to server, where would I find the a url link from my server to the game?

you have to upload the game to your ftp and then use that link to embed the game

How can I have 3 images instead of 6 images?

Hi! You have to change a part of the code, so you need some coding skill, or we can do it for you. For further info about this customization write at support@codethislab.com

Hi, your games looks good. Sorry for the noob questions, but i was usually buy iOS or Android source codes, i want to know how can i convert such game to APK or iOS or even Amazon? can you advice please? thx

Hi! Some of our customers use Phonegap, Cordova or Iudei to port our games into apk successfully

Thanks! i’ll take a look.

Before purchasing I have 2 questions, which browsers will not print/save and also can I use this within a iframe?

Hi, currently the problem in known for some versions of Internet Explorer. You can try the game before the purchase using our live demo http://showcase.codethislab.com/games/coloring_animals/ You can both embed the game in an iframe, or use our WordPress plugin CTL Arcade: https://codecanyon.net/item/ctl-arcade-wordpress-plugin/13856421

Many thanks, I have purchased this game.

thank you! :)

Hi there, I’m developing a site where I’ll need a coloring book like this one, but without the screen where the user selects the desired drawing. Is it possible to remove the options and have the game initialized directly with a default drawing? Thanks in advance!

Hi, yes it’s possible. We have to customize the game’s code, please write at support@codethislab.com for further info