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Hi, your work looks nice, but demo isn’t working on http://html5-banner.ru/template/01/

The demo is works! I checked it. What browser do you have? Do you turn off javascript in your browser? Do you have Adblock?

it s compatible with google adwords? Google Web Design?

I’m sorry, this version does not. But soon we will add the template with google adwords compatible.

We updated banner set. Now they are optimized for Google adwords.

What are the file sizes on these? Are they under 40K?

31,2 kb on disk http://html5-banner.ru/template/01/size.jpg But your picture may be more. It all depends on you. Host runtime files on Adobe CDN

Hi, all the ads created with this template are being rejected by google adwords…. with the following error > Invalid 4th party call please help otherwise this tempalte is totally useless

We updated banner set. Now they are optimized for Google adwords.

Just saw on the comment that this is not Google AdWord compatible.. You could mention that in the description of the template … this is pretty much expected that a banner will be compatible with the service serving 90% of the HTML5 banner ads in the world. ..

Please send mail@htm5.ru all banners that ready to be loaded into google adwords. We will try to fixed them.

We updated banner set. Now they are optimized for Google adwords.

How can I upload this ad to AdWords? I must zip all folder?

You need to publish a banner and zip archive files in a folder …\publish\web\

omg, stupid me ;)

Just purchased this, dont see any psd files and the ones that are included dont seem to be able to be opened in AN

my bad i think ,i didnt realize adobe edge animate and adobe animate were different, getting edge now. thanks


mrmar Purchased

Hello, how can I make the banner loop only 3 times? Thanks

I updated the banner set, download the latest version. In the “timer” clip, the animation ends at 30 seconds (this is the time for Google and it consists of 2 animation cycles). If you want 3 animation cycles, move the action to 45 seconds (1 animation cycle is 15 seconds)


Can I change these sizes of banners? Because for mobile advetising I have to make other sizes.



Yes, if you have skills