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estimados.. me parece un error { “data”: [ { “song” : “mp3/cairnomount_lo.mp3”}, { “song” : “mp3/girlwho_lo.mp3”}, { “song” : “mp3/pipershut_lo.mp3”}, { “song” : “mp3/tailtoddle_lo.mp3”} ] }

hay un error de sintaxis en la linea 3


Can you explain error means? Possible “XMLHttpRequest cannot load” ??? I think you are trying ONLINE version and using Chrome? Cross origin requests error you had. Please try to run on webserver (localhost etc) or Firefox.


Hello good afternoon my name is agustin, greetings from mexico, today I bought the player because I really liked the skin but inside the folder there are no instructions on how to install it step by step nor does it say that files go on the server, nor how They put the songs in the list and nor like puts the code of the player in the page. Please answer me quickly is urgent

Will this play m4a streams?

1. Can we filter individual columns. Basically like to have sermons list of about 2,000 mp3 files links with search, filter by year, serial number, title, album name 2. Does the player works well with 2,000 rows? How long it takes to render the html. Datatable renders quickly however your UI looks very good. 3. We also need to provide download link. Eiether the user will listen to it or will download the file. Is the download option can be enabled? 4. Is any export option (pdf, excel) is available as the user might export the list of entries. 5. Can we put all the required files in one folder and only the HTML code snippet will take care of publishing the player? 6. We already have HTML table defined for about 1,000 rows and is there a way to directly embed in the plugin instead of converting into the required format.

Your preview url is broken, is this abandoned ?

Hi, this audio player could be used on an Ionic cordova app to play local files. Thanks