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because this is HTML 5 and not PHP , is there a limit to file upload size?

Thanks! vannemic


I purchased this product. It works only chrome and Firebox. How to make it work on safari?

Regards, Praveen

Can you put a demo or can you put up a link to a working screencast?

Thanks vannemic

Im curious, can this be used to upload other type of files? Not only images?

i wanna test with demo , not screen view? could you do that ?

This may be a stupid question from a newbie but when you mention that this uses a “framework” does this mean that this has to be installed on the hosting server for this to function?


Hello, I recently purchased this, but I see that it works on a framework, and I do not want that because I’m integrating this in my project, which is just php, with no framework.

I also saw that you will provide a version that it’s not based on a framework, do you have that already ?

Thank you.

Seems that the developer has gone on HOLIDAY some 10 months ago now…

Was interested in this, but not if there is NO support. Sorry :-(

Disappointing, no replies or support, avoid.

Any support. this doesn’t work.

How do I get my money back?

Thank you for that great script. Upload works great but when I’m calling the “gallery” I’m getting an error 404. even “site” isn’t working


I Could not find out how to use this script in a PHP page with a different color combination etc.

I want this script to be displayed in my own design template. And would like to change colors.

Anyone can help?