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Does the script work with PHP installed on a Windows IIS server ?

Yes, it works with IIS too.

i have purchased this script but having problem, an error message showing as bellow:

The requested URL /forms/index/errorpage/ was not found on this server.

(The requested URL /forms/login/ was not found on this serve)

please be mentioned the login folder is not included in the zip file i’ve downloaded


Hello, can you please send me a private message with all the details of your hosting, url so I can check this in details? Thanks!

It is mainly good for contact forms. Do you plan to create form builder which is suitable for survey forms, registrations forms, event forms and may be payment form?

Yes, that’s in progress right now.

Can you tell when it will be ready? Just and approximate date. Thank you

Aprox end of Feb I should release it.

demo is not working with “admin” user and pass.

try now.

Hello, any plan to add export option? csv, sql, excel, ...thanks.

it’s in the config.php file. http://screencast.com/t/7Yrp4kDTPIjW

cool, where is it? I can’t find it (I tried with spotlight search)

Oh, yeah, in global.php, not config.php

I bought a bootstrap 3 theme and would like to add some forms to it. Can I use your form pack to incorporate it into the theme I bought without loosing the styling? Is there instructions on how to add extra fields?

Yes you can :).

I’m planning to make a new release in the next 3 weeks. Thank you for your patience!


Will this work with my HTML forms made in Dreamweaver ? And will the reciever get nicely structured emails ?

Easy to integrate ?


Will this work with my HTML forms made in Dreamweaver ? And will the reciever get nicely structured emails ?

Easy to integrate ?

yes it’s easy to integrate. You have css builder so you can customize it in the way you want.

Good morning,

I have had a look through the comments and have noticed that there is a previous comment about “Invalid Data”.

I keep getting an “invalid data” message on the form?

Can you advise how to resolve this?


Can you give me a link in private of the page that you have so I can verify?

I have this error: I have not the PublicController.php file.

30-Dec-2014 17:07:59 Europe/Sofia] PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/home/.../public_html/app/application/controllers/PublicController.php’ (include_path=’/home/.../public_html/app/library:/home/.../public_html/app/library/Project:/home/.../public_html/app/application/models:/home/.../public_html/app/application/controllers:.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/.../public_html/app/library/Project/Application.php on line 81

sent. thanks



This is a really amazing Form System. Once you are all setup it has the coolest Tour System which teaches you how to use it!

Thanks for this!

That’s amazing! Thanks!

Hello, I sent a question to your website, but never heard back. Are you still supporting this? If so, can you please answer my inquiry and the questions I have asked? Thanks

Hi I’ve sent you a mail…

No need :-) I solved the problem Thanks any way

DataTables warning (table id = ‘datatable’): Requested unknown parameter ‘0’ from the data source for row 0

Notice: Undefined index: foreach in C:\wamp\www\html5-ajax-contact-form-generator\tmp\templates_c\9bd66d00253b2fb0ce9f073625ca25feb113bb94.file.list.tpl.html.php on line 80

Notice: Undefined index: foreach in C:\wamp\www\html5-ajax-contact-form-generator\tmp\templates_c\e13b8bde25a2e6f2299084c3d69510680ef03e77.file.box-list.tpl.html.php on line 91

when trying to view users as well.

otice: Undefined index: foreach in C:\wamp\www\html5-ajax-contact-form-generator\tmp\templates_c\1cb21c53a6f77907d9d52a40adcbe7de938162f5.file.list.tpl.html.php on line 78

don’t know if the issue is datatables, smarty template system, or wamp server. what are requirements? what are all the apache and php modules/extensions that are needed?

Can you please send me access info by email so I can validate what could be the problem with that? Thanks!

Demo is not working with “admin” user and pass.

I am getting Invalid Data error when a form is submitted, any ideas?