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Very interesting. But wouldn’t it be a good idea to make the map pause when the user does a mouseover (at least as an option)? Also, on the ‘simple’ link, I could not see a marker for me, even though a tooltip indicated ‘this shows only you’.

I’m already working on that idea! Regarding the second point, have you tried to reload the page? The mark icon can not be seen anyway?

I wanted to tell you that I have updated the script. It was added a new feature so you can stop the globe rotation doing a mouseover.

some config examples would be useful, sich as how to submit a domain name or IP and have it mapped.

I am not sure of what you meant, but the script automatically gets the actual geo position and place it on the 3d (or 2d) earth model.


What I meant is I have a variable which I would feed to your script to have it mapped.

The variable could be:

-an IP address or a domain host - or an array of IP addresses / domains hosts

I have a Mysql table with a list of domains I want to see mapped. Is that possible in your script?


I’m sorry this some bad spaghetti code. The js is just a series of functions instead of a self contained anonymous function. The php has an error in it. ($b = trim($complete1);)

None of the code was tabbed out. You don’t put js in the <head> because it prevents the rest of the site from loading due to it not be asynchronous so you have to write some hacks to get it in.

There are NO comments in the code. Past the cool code generator there is no documentation.

I think this is a really cool script but you need to write a js modularized, php class’d out version of this so I’m not writing hacks or modifying/tabbing out YOUR code to make it work.

I mean in your main banner image on codecanyon you spelled major wrong.

Looks like an interesting app. Just fired it up and got these errors. Sure I’m linking to js/geo.js correctly?

SyntaxError: illegal character Ôø?Ôø?Ôø?gotPosition,

ReferenceError: myMap is not defined

myMap(900, 450); // To best quality use a 2 : 1 rapport

ReferenceError: showme is not defined showme()

Apologies for the huge text. Copy-paste , now can’t change it.

Found the solution: there were spurious characters in the files. Not sure if its a win->mac or general encoding issue but fixed it by deleting these characters.

Just love it…. Thank u so much!! Just what i was looking for…

A question…. I am using Google chrome, it says that my browser isn’t supported!

How should i solve it?

And if i have to place it inside a DIV,. how should i do that?>

Please guide!

I installed this script but it dont work. Check it here: http://www.design.ciberexpert.com//images/geolocation/3dgeolocation/geolocation.php.

Any help?

zeb101 says that there are some illegal character in the file “js/geo.js” , just delete them and it will run right

My image is static after following the instruction in the 3DGEO Generator. It shows an image but not the rotation

I got it working … How do I position the map

this does not work on my site why?

Please link your site

this item does not work on my site any help will be good

Send me a mail with the link to the page where you have inserted the item so I can help you

I’ve sended the updated item to codecanyon, but I think you should wait 1/2 days for the update. Or you can copy the content of geo.js and paste it in your js/geo.js. Let me know :grin:

ok it works now thanks….

Thanks for buying it :grin:

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