HTML5 3D Geolocation

HTML5 3D Geolocation

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The geolocation works only on https websites.
Remove frame from the live preview or click directly HERE!


  • September 2015: fixed bug (unsupported characters)
  • Added a new feature: possibility of stop globe rotation on mouse over!


It is not just a HTML5 geolocation! This is a powerful script that allows you to monitorate your visitors’ geolocation, thanks to php – javascript – html5. You can choose among two different types:
  • A 3D animated version;
  • A 2D static version;


  • It is supported by all major browsers, and also by IE 7 (browsers that does not support geolocation only show other visitors’ position);
  • Easy to custom, thanks to the offline documentation and to the offline generator code;
  • You can change: background color, map appareance, mark icon and speed too;
  • The package includes also two .psd files to custom even more it;
  • Possibility of edit the mark icon just uploading the mark icon which you prefer on your site!
  • You can set as maximum (suggested) height 600 px, and as width 1200 px.
  • Map images from NASA.


  • For the moment you can use only one globe for page;
  • Online demo lags a bit because there are too many globes in the page. Here there is a single preview: Link;
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