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great game, but I think I found a bug: was at $2500, placed $300 bet, the dealer got an Ace. I agreed to insurance. Dealer made 25, so I won, but then my credit went to ”$NAN”. And from there on, the value stayed the same and I could not place any more bets.

We are not able to replicate your issue. Everything seems working correctly. Have you some additional info about what you did like your hand value or if you cleared bets before dealing, ecc…

Hi, sorry but I was playing randomly and without taking notes about the game. I can recall I had cleared bets but I am not sure if it was within the same gaming session, sorry.

Hi, i buy this game. Can you help me? so… this game i must present to the exam and i must divided in more parts functionaly and simple. If you want i can pay you, please help.

Please send a detailed email about what you need: http://codecanyon.net/user/codethislab#contact

hello, I make a query:

1- complete game Captcha code included? you can modify images, texts?

2- Can you put admob and / or Adsense? to make money on web and mobile.



1) The downloable package includes: source code, sounds, images

2) If you have the integration code of any ad provider, you can hire us for customization


A few pre-purchase questions if I may:

1) Can I place the game in an iframe and host it on a separate page?

2) How is user management handled – simple cookies, or will I have to install a database and implement my own ‘user login’ solution?

3) Can I pass custom messages to players? For example, when they reach a certain amount of winnings (or losses), present them with some custom text and a link… “You’ve won $400, click here and claim your prize” – that kind of thing.

I recently purchased another blackjack script from another developer, and was quite disappointed with it – it was way more complex than advertised to get it running like their demo, and ended up being a big inconvenience. I had to figure out my own user management, and it was a nightmare.


1) Yes you can

2) There is no login feature, just client side so you have to implement this

3) This can be done but you need coding skill

If you need to hire us for such a customization please contact us at http://codecanyon.net/user/codethislab#contact

Dear Sir,

1. Need to check with you is it able for us purchase the BlackJack / Roullette product from the site and integrate to our point system to give members to play and earn point.

2. How is the security for the game, we are worry if any person know how to do a tracking in javascript and is it easy for them to inject a fade point and roll back to our backend system ?

3. Security for the game platform company with flash platform is it same or flash platform will be more secure since user cannot read the code?


1) You need js coding skills to make such a integration

2) To make secure the game you must move game logic in php scripts and make a communication between client (the game) and server (php)

3) Flash can be decompiled with some common software…anyway if all your game logic is on server side there’s not a problem about hacking.

like the game but have some questions

1. what language is the game coded in?

2. can make it a login game where the $ is controlled from the server? so we can add rewards etc from server back end

hi! Thank you for your interest in our games! 1)the game code is in English 2)yes it’s possible, please send an email with a detailed description of your project at support@codethislab to get a quote

I know english… LOL but in javascript? unity? or what?

as written in the item description, the game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party library CreateJs

hi, can you include psd sources? all I see is jpgs for bg_game1.jpg …thanks

Hi! PSDs files are sold separately, for further info write at support@codethislab.com

http://www.videogameit.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/HeaderVideo.mp4 – Dealer busts on 36 and does not on 26 – watch video for details – around 50 – 55 second of the video

Also it set the minimum bet to be $5 – but it allows me to set 1 dollar bet. Then if I don’t bet at all and the time runs out – it places 0.1$ bet as a default. http://www.videogameit.com/games/blackjack/ – You can see that the min bet is $5. I set it in the index.html file in the cMain call var oMain = new CMain({ min_bet: 5, //MIN BET PLAYABLE BY USER max_bet: 2500, //MAX BET PLAYABLE BY USER bet_time: 10000, //WAITING TIME FOR PLAYER BETTING money: 10000, //STARING CREDIT FOR THE USER blackjack_payout: 1.5 //PAYOUT WHEN USER WINS WITH BLACKJACK (DEFAULT IS 3 TO 2) });

Hi! Thank you for warning us, we are already working to fix the issue. We’ll get back to you asap.

Hi is there win occurrence variable for this game too ?

Hi! No, for this game there is no win occurrence variable. If you want to add this feature you can hire us to customize the game.

I need multi Player Games

we replied to your private message, please check your inbox

When will this be available for the CTL Arcade like the rest of your games?

this game will be available in few days, I’ll talk with the tec dept to give it higher priority :)

am i allow to use the graphic in the game? like the table, cards… thanks

Hi, is there a database version of this game? Thanks

Hi! no, it’s not available. If you are interested in building it, write at support@codethislab.com

Hi! I already have it up and running :)


mc4it Purchased

sorry, but the download file of 10MB runs more the 30 min and after that the file is incorrupted

hi! we have just tried to download the game, it took few seconds and the file works properly. Maybe it’s a issue related to your internet connection.

Before I buy this, is there a way to alter the players money. For example can I add feature to buy credits and then update a file which has his credits stored? I just don’t understand where the game pulls the credits string from? and how does the game update that string?

Hi! Currently the players money is set in the index file. If you want to add a feature to buy credits you should modify the game and link it to a website with a database, a log in system and a payment gateway.


albanx Purchased

Hi. There is a small bug in the game. Some times when you play for long, the game hangs/freezes, I could not debug it but I believe that the bug is somewhere is here

hi! we are checking the game, if we find a bug we’ll upload a new version asap


albanx Purchased

Hi guys. Any news from this bug. Actually it is difficult to replicate as it happens randomly, probably depending on dealer win chances. As Far as I could debug it happens in this part of code:

                //DEALER CARDS
                if (this._bDealerLoseInCurHand) {
                    iCard = this._aCurDealerPattern.shift();
                } else {
                    do {
                        iCard = this._aCardsInCurHandForDealer[this._iNextCardForDealer];
                        if (this._iNextCardForDealer > (this._aCardsInCurHandForDealer.length / 2)) {

                        var iValue = this.s_oGameSettings.getCardValue(iCard);
                        if (iValue === 11 && (this._iDealerValueCard + iValue) > 21) {
                            iValue = 1;
                        condition = (this._iDealerValueCard + iValue) > 21 ||
                            ((this._iDealerValueCard + iValue) < this._oSeat.getHandValue(0) && this._oSeat.getHandValue(0) < 21)
                    } while (condition);


The do{ }while is looping to infinite, the function is attachCardToDeal (the above code is slighty changed)

Hi, we found out the issue. We have already submitted the fixed version. You can wait for envato to approve it (it will take a couple of days) or you can write us at support@codethislab.com and we’ll send you the file to replace

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Only loading to 96% i thought it may be the links were wrong, any ideas, like sprites, sounds ?

Never mind i figured it out

ok, if you have further question, feel free to write us!