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Hi – is there any news on the Mac version?


I have most of it ready, but I refuse to pay Apple $99 for the privilege of developing on their precious platform.

I’m eagerly awaiting to purchase…

Nothing is stopping you…

Dear Endware,

Do you have some news about the ETA for the new version and OSX, linux version?

I will send you an email for an option for the apple $99 charges, this could help you.

Best regards

That would be very helpful. The good news is I’m making this app with Embarcadero RAD Studio, which is able to cross compile for both.

Demo version does not create sample app, just pops up a msg box saying thanks for trying the software and an ignore button. Any press of anything still does not create anything…?

Sounds good, but like a lot of comments on here, it’s more ‘when’ than ‘if’. I guess we all suffer with too much to do … to little time to do it.

Do you have a website that has demo videos to help your sale (please don’t say they are coming shortly LOL). I’m kind of interested but need a little convincing, not so much because of the cost – more the functionality and seeing how it all works together with simple websites.

Cheers Jonathan

PS. Nice to see you got back so quickly…

Do you recommend Vimeo or YouTube as a provider? There are many uses, and it would be good to spotlight different scenarios.

I would say both, personally go for wistia.com and Youtube. Wistia is the new kid on the block and youtube is the safe bet. Both embed easily on anything. Video would really help get your software across.


pressr Purchased

Hi Endware. Do you still work on the 2nd version?

I would like to implement an automatic login to a URL. Is something like that possible?

Greetings from Germany Ben

Yes and yes. You would need the login creds in the URL, preferably encoded, and process it through your SAAS


kagesk Purchased

new update to 64bit??

64bit is not stable yet, but will keep trying.


kagesk Purchased

v 2.0?

please contact me through my profile. I will send you the v2.0 preview

Hello, does this convert a Laravel 5 app?

Only if the app is hosted, as the compiler does not include a PHP parser or MySQL database.