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Can I customize forecasts for 3day,5day, etc and display vertically instead of horizontally?

Yes, you can customize forecast for 3 5 7 days from change an API script & css file to what you want to display

Hello Can i translate this?

Yes, you can translate

clear sky few clouds scattered clouds broken clouds shower rain rain thunderstorm snow mist

to another language by change javascript or change api file in php

thx Can you add a screenshot for only current display?

It looks like the script is not working well today (sometimes not showing the temperature). I assume that something is wrong with API? Would it be easy to use other API?

No problem. I will send you new file update for new api

Thank you. Do you think it will be possible to fix it for Monday?

Now new version is ready – http://doocoding.com/weathersticker/ you will get notify email when the script ready to download

Hi- I dont understand this product from the description. I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more please.

Are we paying to use the widget on a website? Or are we paying to have a tool that generates widgets? Are all the generated widgets from Also A little more details on how/what can be customized might be helpful (adjusting frame size, also is there a Celsius to Fahrenheit option? etc.) And, do the generated widgets result in source domain or do they all say they are from “doocoding”.

I know sounds like silly questions. But I’m Just curious for clarification. Thank You!

Hi This script will run on your domain. The source you can customize frame size , color C .F if you know javascript

Thank you

I like the looks of this – I am countyfairgrounds.net – will it matter how much traffic I get? I get a lot.

Can I change the colors?

where the data come from? I have deviation about 4 degrees.

What weather demo

I know this script is not supported, but its not working. Can you update it ?

Looks great! GLWS