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Humm, is this working? Anyone having success? Even partial success? Nevermind, I got my answer snd now know why it is no longer supported?

Why do programmers keep releasin unstable, untested and not sales worthy scripts here? Oh wait, I know. I wish this issue wasn’t so out of control and buyers have little to recourse

Thanks for the feedback. The product is actually a little more complicated than simply just uploading a zip with html and expecting a perfect conversion. It is useful if you have a little php and wordpress knowledge so you can fine tune it after the conversion. It accelerate the conversion process if you know what you’re doing. Its NOT for users with 0 coding knowledge.

I keep uploading my website files but all that shows up below the upload button is the current WP theme on the website(not my HTML site). I tried to upload your sample and all it says is 100% but no button is there to activate the theme.

Could you email your number? This is very difficult explain in writing. Email:

Sent you an email.

i am front end, i do not know programming code php. Can i used this plugin to converter html to wp, but i do not used html custom in pages, right? Because, this plugin not convert html custom, right?

do you can me show this tags the to i into add on ADOBE MUSE

You can follow this tutorial for instructions:

There is also a video guide:

thanks! i try insert in adobe muse :)