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Hi, I’m running into an issue with my Shared Hosting & the document root path. (I’m using Host Gator). My document root is relative to the server, not the URL of the site. (eg. /home/user/public_html/ instead of I’ve looked into a solution from the hosting company & tried a few .htaccess mod_rewrites but I can’t seem to get this going properly unless I setup a new primary domain with Host Gator and i’ve prefer not to do that if I can because I’ve got about 100 add-on domains under a single account that work well under a single cPanel. I’ve played around with your demo and I REALLY like this purchase, but i’m wondering if there’s anyway to help me (and possibly others) with setting the document root or changing some path settings to get it rolling smooth. Appreciate your time! Thanks!

hi, sorry but my explanation is not very clear.
when i told site root i mean:
if your site is
the store patch must be

not etc...

Hi, quick question before I buy :

Can I load templates with background images and html ?

Making this for a client and they need either one default template that loads in the editor or to choose from a couple ?

like this:
<div style="width:612px; height:792px; background-image: url(;">

    <div style="margin-top: 125px">
        <h2 style="text-align:center" align="center">Title of Lake</h2>

Contact me on Skype paese. At this moment i am out. I’ll can help you tomorrow. Sorry for this inconvenience

np , i basically just need a way to throw a nice JPG background on the PDF ( behind the content ) ??

ok. i have changed the code for you. now you can contact me on skype or via email (see my account on codecanyon) so i can give you this file ;-)


I have contacted the developer numerous times with no luck. I am looking for the code alteration for PDF on the Fly so that I can display background images. I need this for a time sensitive project. If somebody could respond ASAP I’d appreciate it.

Thank you.

hi, i’m confused. i spoke with someone on skype and i believed that he was you. sorry, can you contact me on skype another time please? this upgrade must be do on line and i can’t give you explanation here.

see your email please, ;-)

before I buy this plugin i have question: this script support polish diacritical signs? Like: ???????ó?

hi, you can do a test into example page ;-)

on example page doesn’t work – I get blank page

Give me a sample text via e-mail

Hi, I want to buy this plugin too and I have question about support Polish diacritical signs. Do you already solved this problem?

You can try demo to see if it works. ;-)

I tried and the result was a blank page. But! I bought and changed version of TCPDF and it works great :) Thank You for answer ;)


can support thai font ?

hi, thank you for interest.

you can use any font,this script uses tcpdf.

take a look here:


Awesome script, one question:

How can I trigger the save and send functions automatically? I don’t want my users to be able to do any other thing than that.

Never mind, I figured it out. Now I need to know how can give some color to the table background, I’ve tried to use the style property in the column tag but it just won’t work. You use this style in the video example with head1 and head2.

Please disregard both questions as I have figured all out.

Thanks and again, great script!

sorry for delay, ok ;-)

looks ideal,nearly just what I want!

Then noticed that IMAGE uploads is a Nightmare via the demo, this really does need improvement! Also then read you haven’t provided a Template option which you can use a Image as a background??

So I am asking have you developed a UPDATE that incorporates these into the script yet, if not when will this be available?

I could add these elements myself, BUT it seems that with these features being missing from your excellent script you may be missing further opportunities to gain sales.

Hope you get back quick, so I can decided whether to purchase or not?

hi, for images you need their links, to upload on own server from this plugin i have to do a hard update (there is a problem about this situation, the script use ckeditor and its uploadre is not free

it’s possible to put an image like a bakgroung , i try to do what you are asking for next week.

I added this script to my website and inserted a JPG image into the editor and the PDF file comes up blank. I also tried adding a background image in various ways and that didn’t work either. Without the ability to add a background image or at least a regular image this won’t work for what I’m trying to do. Is there something I need to do to get the images to work?

hi, this script uses tcpdf library so you can see the documentation at this link:

p.s. i don’t see you bought the script.

Curious… Why not save the file in HTML format so it can be edited later?

good idea, but the script was created to generate pdfs directly.

Right, I get that – just thinking about if you want to change the PDF, you would need to start over if you have not copied and pasted the HTML but built it from scratch in your editor… Or built it in your editor and not copied and saved it elsewhere…

Also – What goes in the “PDF Creator” block? The author or something else?

hello I want this to be compatible with Sinhala language (Unicode) here is the langeuage example font, but doenst work with your script Please get back to me ASAP

i suppose that the used font is a dumped one for this reason it not works well. let me investigate on this problem

will this process shortcodes?

see this

at this link you can find the same pligin for wp, so you can use it like shortcode

Is your code open source? meaning can I use it with my own php without using your interface?

bought it anyway.. for $6 i’ll take a chance….....

considering the nature of your query i suppose you are a developer. if you have (and it’s for sure) knowledge of php,css and html you will have no problem t o integrate the script into your project. let me know

Yes…. not your level of skill though…. see my additional message below though

Great script.. but do you have future plans to allow SVG code in the text area? I tried to bypass the interface and add SVG code to the $html variable here lib/create_pdf.php but it didn’t export to the PDF… If this can be done I’m happy to pay for the additional code

thank you for compliments. give me time to study the question.

please contact me on skype for a better communication. my skype ID: mrplugins

Hello, I am very interested in this lib/plugin wondering if the lib has been updated recently and being actively supported ?

hi, sorry for delay. the plugin was not updated recently but it’s will be supported

hello, can you please add drag and drop plugin to tinymce, i would like to make my content using drag and drop, please let me know if possible, i buy now, thank you

sorry but it’s not a wordpress plugin and so it was not thinked as addons of visual composer

hello, i think you . miss understand, i dont want a wordpress plugin, i need what you did but in tinymce you need to add the layer plugin, this will allow drag and drop within tinymce, can you add it in the demo, if the output is good i buy it, thanks

sorry, i’ll try next days