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Please contact me about adding to my tab based project. Thanks.


I’m interesting in buying this. Can it open password protected pdf. Ofcourse I am the owner of the pdf’s. Is there a way to pass the password to the reader, so it can open it in the browser, without user having getting prompt for a password?



Have not tried locked pdf files yet, I do not think it is possible :(

Maybe stupid question, Does php files works?

Indeed it does. Just checked :-)

Purchased – would love the iPad code – thestringer@mac(dot)com

Please email me by filling out and submitting the form on my profile, so I can verify your purchase. Thanks!

First off – great template! However, when trying to allow landscape mode in iOS 6, the code completely fails for me. When deploying to an iOS 5 device, the rotation works flawless. But when deploying to iOS 6 the rotation doesn’t work.

This really makes my project useless as most iDevices today run iOS 6 (including the iPhone 5). Do you have an updated version of your code that works in landscape mode on iOS 6 (actually I need it to autorotate and work both in portrait and landscape mode)??

Thanks in advance!

Tried, still doesnt work. Did you get it working? If so, could you send the edited template project to me? (kennethevers (a t) hotmail.com).

Got the AutoRotation working, changing some code. The code get’s distorted when trying to post it here, so I’ll post a link to the coding in a moment.

And heres a link to the file containing the code needed :)


Hope it helps others that have the same issue as I had!

Can I search words in pdf files ?

Search is currently not implemented.

Hi do you plan to add push notifications ?

We have no plans on integrating Push Notifications into this project.

Is there an iOS 7 update coming from this app, and is there a live version I could see?


Hello, Is this still an active project? Will it still work even with the latest OS?

Yes and yes!

did you update this to ios7 ?

Whoa.. long time to action on this one.. any chance this can be bumped up to ios8?

is there an android version?