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Any chance of a demo ?

Need a demo.

Sorry i can’t give you a demo but i will make a video preview soon.

Video preview is up !

I know this is a bit of a ticky-tack request, but it would really help if you could align the input boxes vertically to the left and use the rest of the right panel for the preview. Is there any chance you could do that?

Great work by the way. I’ll gladly pay 4 bucks for this!

Is there a way to incorporate local assets within the preview window? I would like to add background images through css.

I will add this feature in next update soon , thanks for your suggestions

The new interface layout is perfect! Thanks for making the changes so quickly. 5 stars.

Version 2.0 up :) i hope you will enjoy it :P

Howdy DEV,

Forgot to rate your app :) 5 stars for doing a good job! I really enjoy using it and besides that it helps me learn more ;)

Bafta, Michael

Thank you very much :)

Yikes, just received the last update… WOW… by far the MUST HAVE app for every web dev deloper :) thank you for continuously updating and supporting the app.

For what is worth.., your app is worth 10x more than 4 bucks as currently.

Well Done!

Thanks again !

This was my first purchase from Codecanyon. I was looking for a live viewer similar to Dreamweaver and the Codecademy website while I learn HTML5/CSS3. I can say that I am pleased with this product! I would recommend to others it is definitely worth the 6$. I like how it saves things as a project in separate .css and .html files and automatically does little syntax nuances for you such as body/html tags etc.. Thanks!

Thanks a lot !

hi its can integrate with Jquery Flat UI?

Yes , you can integrate Jquery Flat Ui

Do you can make this version for mac? I need buy a builder thanks.