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its amazing work mate

stay tunned, new SEO software is coming in a few days…

Great works, mate! really good stuff! 8-)

what the difference when I open the source code from any browser !? (ctrl + U) ??

Selectable user agent.

Does this app crawls the whole site or just a single page URL?

Why is there no information that the file is an exe not for mac?

Hi, I just started using your HTML grabber, and when i input the URL i want to grab from and press download source code, an error message pops up, saying to check my internet connection, or that the site server is down, neither of which is the case. How do i solve this?:

Please PM me the url to check Hi i am unable to get the information from the directory in this website. Please help!

I would like to grab specifically the contact information of the companies on the directory list, is there anyway to do that? the pastebin link you sent me doesn’t seem to have any of the information

can these tools grab wordpress theme ?