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FYI. Your live preview is 404 from my POV.

Hello I encoded my website but I forgot to take a backup before I did it.. anyone can send me how to decode it to get the original code?

Some people have posted about how simple it is to decode.. have you tried Firebug or the Chrome debugger? It wont give you exact source but should be close..

hi~ i just bought it , good works , but it seems a encoding problem with some chinese , could i fix it ? thanks

I apologize for the encoding problem. I dont think there is a fix

does this work for php files?

Where does the compiled file saved to? Can’t find it.
The php compiler does not work

The PHP Compiler is a beta that needs to be used a certain way. It does not save the files like HTML Compiler does.

You open the PHP file and select the code that you want to comiled.. then press the “set” button and press “compile”. It will obfuscate the selected code.. then you select the text from the file and copy/paste it into the editor you’re using with the same file open. When it generates the decode function, change $d=’; $byte=’; to $d=’’; or the encoded PHP won’t work.

There is an explanation if you scroll down to the PHP Compiler part of the description. I’m sorry I never finished PHP Compiler, I hope you get it working for you. There used to be a video… I deleted that as well, discouraged after so much criticism about HTML Compiler.

I will try to see if it works. Dont be discouraged. Of course there are people who dont like your app but there are people who do. You cant satisfy everyone and cant make everyone happy. There are people who will find faults no matter what you do. Do what make you happy and keep working on it. People like me will find your app useful because I am not a coder. Do what you enjoy. Keep trying. Remember not everyone loves God. We are just human beings. Take it easy.

I just purchased your product and rphrus2 is right totally I say ^5 for skills and for the price I have bought worse for allot more keep up the good work.

Thanks much :)

A fine Programm – if you are looking for a similar one which do the work on-the-fly by PHP, look at this one:

Friend, I need to code only half an html page and leave the rest normal, how? Ie code 50% and join in an editor like notpad ++ with the remaining 50% in open html ??

Put encoded within the regular HTML, make sure don’t double on head and body tags


1- Purchased

Content with the purchase, thank you for this great tool.

You’re welcome. I’m glad it can still be useful :)