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When previewing the default template the text is over the video: In the editor itself it displays correctly:

Also I think it would be a great feature to add open link in new window? option when a user is adding a link. That way if a user is adding a facebook account, it doesn’t close the parent site.

Hey there, I can’t edit the images inside a portfolio panel. I click on the image and nothing happens as opposed to the menu sliding out and I can click on image and upload it.

Hi naguibihab,

Please submit a ticket through our official help desk located at and one of our developers will look into this asap. Thanks!

- Zoe


You had in mind to make further updates for the builder?

Hi LorThemes,

Yes, we have plans for updates. However, at the moment we’re busy with a new product.

- Zoe


I want to create my own blocks with updated version, but am stuck to the “assets” folder. Because in that folder, in “html” folder, html file has no any script at the bottom. Can you just tell me how i can resolve it or which css & js files should i add to this index.html file ?? please help

- Jass

Hi GJ-Designs,

The /build folder contains bundles generated by Webpack, these automated and minified and should not be edited. You should make your changes to the source files in /assets and then rebuild using Webpack.

- Zoe


How can i edit “google map’s” location from the builder ? Please help on this.


Hi GJ-Designs,

Google Map support is not included in HTML Builder :(

- Zoe

advanced ican’t find slideshow1.html to work with advanced block

Do you have any other better solution, because the documents suggesting to check out slideshow1.html want to work with custom jquery plugins in my project please help me figure out this..

Hi hidayath,

Unfortunately, we do not have a better solution for this at this point. You can still include jQuery in your blocks if you’d like, but having them support in the builder would mean you would need to code custom integrations.

- Zoe


while i had done my exporting the edited html files. The downloaded file has only style link to skelton.css and skeltonscript.js how to change custom file path any suggestions in the code.

Hi hidayath,

If you need to have additional assets included in your exports, you can load them directly into the skeleton.html file (located in /elements).

- Zoe

Can I edit any third party HTML template using your HTML builder?

Hi aanandmadhav36,

Yes, you can. However you would need to make the HTML compatible first.

- Zoe

Why the slider can not be replicated, Can you help with the solution

Hi nonamesjoe,

How do you mean please?

- Zoe

Where is the slideshow1.html ? it’s specified in documentation, but wasn’t found in the files. Documentation on the “Complex Blocks” is wrong, describes missing files. Can you fix this ASAP ?

Hi creativejs,

Slideshow blocks and other complex blocks are no longer supported, support for these blocks was removed several months back due to the fact there were too many issues and bugs with the feature.

- Matt

I want to buy this awesome product. But I don’t know how to add my own template sections on it

Hi electronthemes,

The process of adding your own blocks is explained in the bundled documentation.

I looked the documentation, this doc doesn’t have any code example, I didn’t understand.

can i create custom class names or id? Instead of your class or id names used in the program?

Yes, you can use custom ID’s and/or class names.

great thank you -is this done internally in the program or is there a user interface?

You can use the build-in html editor for this purpose.

Hi, can this edit existing html websites that aren’t created in the builder?

Hi TassieNZ,

You could, but you would need to import them into HTML Builder first and make sure the HTML is compatible with the builder.

Sorry, I don’t understand, how will I know if the html is compatible with the builder?

esta en español?


JFOC Purchased

Hi, I have presale questions. 1. Is it possible to export into database/json/string instead to file ?

2. Can I change the builder default colors ?

3. Can I let user to input custom css at “Detail Editor” ?

4. Is this coming with ready to use site templates ?

5. User can importing their html template (html file)?

thank you


JFOC Purchased

The export function is ready to use, or need custom development ?


JFOC Purchased

explaining number 4: this from other people thread that i have experience too in your demo


JFOC Purchased

why the version is different with changelog ? it is 2.29 not 2.39 ?

Hello, I have a question regarding the license, I have a CMS application where users can enter and create their own web page that is visible through a subdomain, the standard license serves me or I need the extended license?

Assuming your users are paying for the service, you would need an extended license.

Hello again! So… I don’t have problems with you selling my product to different users, if I buy the extended license?

It depends on what exactly your product is and how you will be selling it.

Hello, my customer purchased html builder and forward us to replace it with older version of html builder. in older version, thumbnail captured automatically but in new version you have to setup thumbnail via thumbnail attribute in element.json file. is there any way to use auto capture thumbnail approach as used in previous version instead of setting in element.json file.

Ok thanks, also i need some technical info how can i access this variable module.exports.editableItems in html page, as code is combiled via webpack but not sure how to get this accessible outside bundle.js

You’ll need to make sure you have Node.js installed, and downloaded all the dependencies (npm install). After this you can modify the config.js file and run Webpack to rebuild the application.

No i can compile bundle.js via webpack by using UMD option. But i want to access all modules and variables via normal script tag.

e.g if i write

module.exports = function add(a, b) {
  return a + b;

after compilation i can access function add via (if choose option umd)

    console.log(window.add(1, 2));

But not sure how to do that with bundle.js modules


JFOC Purchased

Hello, Can you please answer my support request? Latest Response by Krystal Murray-Wright on 19th July