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esl1 Purchased

is there a way to export with only the files used in current design instead of all the files in the folder?

Hi esl1,

Unfortunately, that’s currently not possible :(


Very interested in rolling this into our main theme but had a few pre-sales questions:

1. Is it easy to add new responsive viewports? At the moment it’s 3 but we’d be looking to add more.

2. In the “Detail editor” is it possible limit the attributes/options available for the user to alter? ie. if you just want user to select css classes rather than background & text colours

Thanks Tom

Hi themelizeme,

1. Easy enough assuming you’re familiar with Javascript 2. Yes, you have full control over which CSS attributes are available for any HTML element (using CSS selectors in the config file you activate CSS attributes for HTML elements).

Hello, Great job guys. Am very interested to use this builder in a theme that i want to sale in themeforest, but i have few pre-sales questions:

1. as i read you’ve mentioned that “THEMEFOREST AUTHORS WHO HAVE PURCHASED AN EXTENDED LICENSE ARE ALLOWED TO BUNDLE HTML BUILDER WITH THEIR HTML TEMPLATES!”, so do i have to purchase an extended license to use this builder with our theme? and what is the different between both licenses (Regular, Extended )

2. Am i allowed to do any change i want in the builder Front-End Design (CSS, HTML, JavaScript), in case i want to change the design of the builder and add some new features that will be suitable with our theme

1. Yes, you will need an extended license to be able to bundle HTML Builder with your template. The regular license does not allow for a final product for which end-users will be charged.

2. Yes, you’re free to make whatever modifications you’d like

Hope that helps!