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Very interested in rolling this into our main theme but had a few pre-sales questions:

1. Is it easy to add new responsive viewports? At the moment it’s 3 but we’d be looking to add more.

2. In the “Detail editor” is it possible limit the attributes/options available for the user to alter? ie. if you just want user to select css classes rather than background & text colours

Thanks Tom

Hi themelizeme,

1. Easy enough assuming you’re familiar with Javascript 2. Yes, you have full control over which CSS attributes are available for any HTML element (using CSS selectors in the config file you activate CSS attributes for HTML elements).

Hello, Great job guys. Am very interested to use this builder in a theme that i want to sale in themeforest, but i have few pre-sales questions:

1. as i read you’ve mentioned that “THEMEFOREST AUTHORS WHO HAVE PURCHASED AN EXTENDED LICENSE ARE ALLOWED TO BUNDLE HTML BUILDER WITH THEIR HTML TEMPLATES!”, so do i have to purchase an extended license to use this builder with our theme? and what is the different between both licenses (Regular, Extended )

2. Am i allowed to do any change i want in the builder Front-End Design (CSS, HTML, JavaScript), in case i want to change the design of the builder and add some new features that will be suitable with our theme

1. Yes, you will need an extended license to be able to bundle HTML Builder with your template. The regular license does not allow for a final product for which end-users will be charged.

2. Yes, you’re free to make whatever modifications you’d like

Hope that helps!

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Hi Dude

I had purchased your builder . But I’m very disappointed its has some missing code and bugs .

1 : page settings section not being saved submit button is out of the form

2 : form is being submitted via ajax but i don’t see any ajax into the code base

Please fix these and send updated codebase

Hi Shazsab,

Our records don’t show you have actually purchased HTML Builder; are you sure you’re referring to the correct product? For example, you mention “page settings”, however HTML Builder does not have a “page settings” area. Some thing with the form comment, HTML Builder does not support form submissions.

i bought the codeigniter version

Hi !, I have a question for you,

photo -> section

How to duplicate this section ?

I Duplicate this section but image editor does not work…

I created a wrapper, this wrapper name is editContent. then I put wrapper in section, but did not work.

What can I do ? Help me..

Hi erdikoroglu,

Did you submit a ticket through our helpdesk already?

Hi, I have some questions regarding the use of the product.

I have a CMS in which people can create their own website using the builder and when they save the changes, they are reflected in a subdomain of the person for example:

In other cases, the user can pay to enable new functions, such as the page being seen in a domain:

At no time does the client keep the builder files. The final product is only the web page that the customer made with the tool (HTML).

Does the regular license work for me or do I have to buy the extended license?

Hi BlackScripts,

Assuming your end-product is a SaaS product (meaning you’re hosting it yourself and selling access to your users), you would need an extended license.

If you’re selling a downloadable product, you would need a single license for every copy you’re selling (normally the regular license would be enough). I hope that makes sense?

Ah, okay, the product’s in the cloud, nothing gets downloaded. So there’s no problem that I sell the product with the extended license?

Nope, you’re all good

Hello Team,

We are using your extended license in our LeadGen landing page template and few of our customers contacted us with below message.

HostGator block this file js/vendor/jquery.min.js His response: During a scan of our servers we identified malicious content in accounts under your control. We have quarantined the files listed below to prevent abuse.

Can you please guide us what can be the issue and how it can be rectified.



Hi themezaa,

We have seen this issue in the past as well; but we were never able to figure out why HostGator would mark this file as evil. The file in question is an original jQuery file which has not been modified in any way.

Unfortunately, HostGator was not able to assist us in the matter and point us to the exact problem, and therefor we were not able to figure out what the issue was/is.

Feel free to try reaching out to HostGator and get some more info on the matter. We’d be happy to look into this again, but we’ll need some more info on where exactly in the file the problem is located.

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply. We will communicate more with our customer as you mentioned above and will come back to you as soon as we will have more details from our user.



Hi we used your html builder with little bit customization. it looks fine but suddenly, we face problem, sometimes it cache the html form element and it will reload again and again when browinsg html builder. Even deleted by clicking on trash button. Can you help me what’s the main cause of this behaviour and which code part to look into it to fix caching issue.

Hi mediasoftpro,

Please submit a support request through and we’ll look into the issue. Thanks!

If I buy the Standard License ($29) today, and after 30-40 days decided to upgrade to the Extended License ($199), will I get credit or be refunded for the $29 I paid for the Standard License? Also, I see that HTML Builder has not been updated for several months. Have the issues (which I read in both the Reviews and Comments sections) that have been reported to you by customers since February 2017 already been addressed? My assumption is that they have not been resolved yet..

Hi FlipOne,

Unfortunately, we can not provide you with an upgrade path from the regular license to the extended license.

As for any open issues; we currently do not have any open or unfixed bugs in HTML Builder.


cbp70 Purchased

how come everytime i add any ads to page then preview it, all i get is a blank white page ?

Hi cpb70,

Since you’re mentioning adding “Ads”, this would be a modification as HTML Builder by default does not support any type of ads.


cbp70 Purchased

ok ty for reply

can add some ads for our user ?

Unfortunately, ads are not supported :(


manxon10 Purchased


I have a question regarding images, when you already have use a block, lets say three text columns, is it possible to put an image at will, that is for example in the middle of the text?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible.


manxon10 Purchased

How can I resize the images or any content block, it seems that the style admin doesn’t support changing width or any sofistecated styling operation over them

Resizing images is not possible with HTML Builder. As for styling, you can activate any style attributes for any HTML elements by configuring the application to suit your needs. The process is explained in the documentation.

Hello, can I upload and use this on shared hosting? thanks!

Hi there,

The installation instructions are included in the documentation; it’s simply a matter of uploading the code.


manxon10 Purchased

What webpack version do you recommend to compile html builder?

Hi manxon10,

The correct Webpack version number can be found in the package.json file (I believe it’s version 1).


manxon10 Purchased


Regarding the builder usage, when I generate the html and I save it to my database or in a file, if a user wants to redit the page html , how can I recover all the iframes for the editor from the generated html?

The is stored on the server in file named “site.json”. The script automatically loads the site when loaded in the browser.


manxon10 Purchased


Is it possible, as a feature request, to integrate the medium editor insert plugin to be able to upload images at will?

Thank you

Hi maxnon10,

We’re not currently planning any updates. However, we will keep this in mind moving forward. In the meantime, you’re of course free to implement this yourself (shouldn’t be too hard).