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Hi. I’m working on a upload script with some functions. I want my user to upload image to a spesific page, save some data to database. But when i test with image that have special chart and white space, this will not work. i live in norway, so many have special chart in their images. How can i trim the image name before this is saved and have a preview on sceen after upload. now there is nothing saved and nothing shown.

this is my code. (it refer to the orginal sync.php)

<form action=”sync_kjede.php?id=<?php print $resultat ?>” method=”post” enctype=”multipart/form-data”> Fra Dato <input required=”required” id=”start” name=”start” type=”date” > Til Dato <input required=”required” id=”stop” name=”stop” type=”date” > Navn: <input id=”navn” name=”navn” type=”text” > <button type=”submit”>Last opp!</button><button onclick=”showhide(‘edit_image’)”>Avbryt</button> </form>

i renemed the sync.php to sync_kjede.php


I copy-pasted the code found on and put all the files where they belong but when I try to resize the image with the Zoom-in Tool, it just gets out of the canvas by sliding to the left. If I try to move it, the image just goes back to its initial state and doesnt resize at all.

What did I do wrong ? What should I do ?

Thank you

Hi. I have bued this script. I’m trying to integrate this to a website. But i live in norway, and there are some files that have norwegian chart in filname. How do i clean filename before upload. I have tried, but failed. When i upload a file that contains norwegian chart, there is no output.

Where in the form.php can i add something, and what do i need to add. The special chart in filename can be removed, doe’s not need to be replaced.

Hi.. amazing work. Can you let me know when the rotate functions (we found them in JS files) but only rotates 90 degrees then stops. Were assuming this is a feature in progress? (lines 32-33 in the html5ImageUpload.js

Can you let us know when this feature (which we’d love to have) will be available?

Cheers and thx again! :) Paul

Hiya. We have an implementation of your superb plugin on a dev site. Two minor issues..

How do we prevent an image resizing below the set width and height of the uploader placeholder? It stops at the limits of an upload box on your demos here – but we cant get that to work for us – at times allowing us to save only a portion of an image – incorrectly cropped – with the remainder being blank space where the image boundaries lay outwith the placeholder itself. Any help pls?. / 2nd – the rotate function.. is this something youre working on?

Hi there,

I encounter some issues with your plugin. It seems like the callback called onAfterSelectImage is not triggered properly. When I assign some function to this callback it throws an exception, probably because the response object does not exist inside given context. The stack trace looks like this:

Uncaught ReferenceError: response is not defined

at html5imageupload.handleFile (html5imageupload.js:286)
at HTMLInputElement.<anonymous> (html5imageupload.js:240)
at HTMLInputElement.dispatch (jquery-1.11.3.js:4670)
at HTMLInputElement.elemData.handle (jquery-1.11.3.js:4338)

Are you sure this feature works properly? Can you provide a working example?

Best regards

Yes i know for a fact it works, because i tested it before releasing it. What is your JS?

That’s minimal JS which crashes after selecting image ``` $dropZone.html5imageupload({ onAfterSelectImage: function () { console.log(‘Testing afterSelectImage’); } });


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14 days and no response?


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The script appears to work perfectly, I just don’t see where it actually uploads the file… it tells me it does, using the form version it shows /tmp/filenameetc.123.jpg BUT there are no files in /tmp or anywhere else that I can find.

I’m using IIS 7.5 PHP 5.45

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Thanks in advance

hi! Thanks for the feedback, do you have a working demo, where i can see the AJAX response? Does the /tmp folder exists on your server?


thank you for that great plugin.

I want to use the plugin for cropping before uploading the original file to the server to perform a server-side cropping afterwards.

I was wondering if there is the possibility to change the data-width and data-height dynamically after loading an image. For Example if the user wants to switch from 4:3 to 16:9

Thank you for your help.


Additional Comment: I tried just changing the style attributes. Zooming within the canvas works, but cropping result does not have the correct aspect ratio and centering is not working. So same as I think before… is there a way to update the values of the cropper object?

Is there c# example?