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Hi stbeets, we are using the html5 image loader. I tried with data-image(retrieve from the cloudinary), data-ajax=false, data-canvas=false, data-save=false. When I saved the image, the image is stored on full-size without any cropping or positioning, and if I use edit form the ghost image is positioned left outside the container. Please help , how to stored the cropped image without ajax and show the cropped image in edit form. Thanks.

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Thanks for this great plugin. I have a problem with “onAfterProcessImage” callback, which is not fired. The image is correctly crop and save on the server, and no php errors are loggued. Could you help me on this, i can provide a test url by private message.

thanks, Ced


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I finally found a php error reported, here it is :

PHP Strict standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in xxxxx\xxxxx\canvas.php on line 15

PHP Stack trace:

PHP 1. {main}() xxxxx\xxxxx\canvas.php:0

Hi, I wrote you yesterday, and would urgently need some help…

My purchase code: 086600a0-0a73-4059-a97a-cbcae1a78e23

Thank you!

when i click on the green button… is it possible to receive the filename to a php variable to work with this name? like … $filename = ’???’ don’t know how i get the filenome of the uploaded image!!!

If i have a form with other input fields.. how get the filename with $_POST[???]

Sorry, I contacted you 3 days ago with no reply at all…

Hi, For me it works better in the most of the browser and computers.

Only in my laptop it doesn’t work.

The dropzone to not load, I have a Dell with windows 10 and touchscreen.

When I run dropzone demo plugin separately it works.

Anyone knows what is happening?

Hi, please support the item by purchasing it. If and when you purchase it, please provide the URL of your demo so i can take a look and help you find the problem.


one question to your great piece of code.

i want to start the upload by a custom php script. that works fine as long as the ‘green button’ was clicked for cropping confirmation.

is it possible to auto-crop if the button was not pressed before?



so you want to crop the image, automaticly but when do you know when to crop, because the user needs to change, drag, zoom before he / she has to correct image.

Can you explain some more what you want to achive?

the actual problem is, although the input form is set as ‘required’ i do not get feedback that the green button has to be pressed. as soon as an image is loaded the upload of the image by a php script won’t start because the image is missing. therefore one idea was to autocrop in case the user forgot to do it. a message ‘please press the green button’ would work as well.

i understand the problem, i have nothing for this at the moment. What you can do is trigger click the checkbutton, when submitting the form, then in the onAfterProcessImage function try to submit the form. $(’<form>’).on({ submit: function( ){ $(’.htmlimageupload .btn-ok’).trigger(‘click’); } }); $(’.htmlimageupload’).html5imageupload({ onAfterProcessImage: function() { $(’<form>’).submit(); } });

Let me know how / if that works out

data-canvas=”false” How should i do to get / save the only canvas size of image ?? please let me know.

Hi, if you use canvas=”false”, if you have ajax= true, there will be all the options in the $_POST in a PHP variable, if you use the <form> version, there will be an extra input field, name “yourimagename”_values which contains all data, like heights, widths, etc.

stbeets says: Rotation will come beginning of April :) almost 2 years ago.. Which year do u mean?

ah i saw u worked on it .. i see

Dude this shit is not working


We just bought script it is working great but we have one problem with crop The croft version have different size than the one on the front

Example: This is script This is output image:

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Dear author,

today I bought your license for “HTML 5 Upload Image” and I tried to implement your example into my code.

When I tested your example file “index.hml” everything works nice, but I implement this code:

<form> <input type=”file” name=”thumb” /> </form>

<link href=”/htmlUploadImage/assets/css/html5imageupload.css” rel=”stylesheet”> <script src=”/htmlUploadImage/assets/js/html5imageupload.js”></script> <script>$(’.dropzone’).html5imageupload();</script>

And here is the problem that after the image upload I don’t see a toolbar (edit, zoomin, zoomout, etc. buttons).

Are you able to help me with this?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards Michal Madleňák


madla Purchased

Ok, I found it … it’s necessary include these files: <link href=”//” rel=”stylesheet”> <script src=”//”></script>

but it’s funny, it brokes my styles :/ i


We just bought script it is working great but we have one problem with crop The croft version have different size than the one on the front Example: This is script This is output image:

Could we get any help with that? Croped image is larger then selected area, we can use the script in this situation :(

It’s working, thanks stbeets for support.

Last question: We would like to give users a possibility to change working area height. Is it possible to setup data-height=”auto” ?

I will be thankful for any reply please…

Hi, no this is not possible.. becasue of the resizing of the image and all, it’s a fixed height! Sorry.


I have some problems with the plugin:

1) is impossible to edit the second time an image, ‘cause after saving resize and move commands stop working 2) If I try to edit an image already on server (passing data-image attribute), every edit i’ve done won’t be saved


1) yes this should be possible, you should be able to edit it multiple times.. do you have an example or URL where i can take a look, because mine is working.

2) this is unfortunately not possible, because you only provide the cropped image, i can not “save” the original image and positions.


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Thank you very much for the answer, it was a problem of my server side script. Another question: is it possible to save via ajax a reduced version of the picture instead the original one? Thanks in advance

Hi, The image quality of the canvas version is not acceptable. So i wanted to use your upload.php version:

div class=”dropzone” data-width=”188” data-height=”200” data-ajax=”true” data-canvas=”false” data-url=”typo3conf/ext/management/Resources/Private/PHP/ImageUploader/upload.php” style=”width:188px;height:200px;”

input type=”file” name=”thumb1”

When i click the green save, it couldnt find the image after loading. So I changed my directiory in upload.php to $dir = ’/typo3conf/ext/management/Resources/Private/PHP/ImageUploader/tmp/’; Now it says “200 OK” for a second and then I am back in edit mode. Whats wrong? :)

I changed line 59 in your upload.php to

“url” => /typo3conf/ext/management/Resources/Private/PHP/ImageUploader/’.$dir.$filename.’?’.time(), //added the time to force

Seems to work now. Just that it doesnt resize the image properly. But i guess i can fix that by myself.

Yeah. So the second bugfix i did in upload.php was line 47. The left and top coordinates were negative. So i changed it by substracting again: imagecopyresampled($finalImage, $resizedImage, 0, 0, -$_POST[‘left’], -$_POST[‘top’], $_POST[‘width’], $_POST[‘height’], $_POST[‘width’], $_POST[‘height’]);

I have checked your demo form submit with upload png image on crome browser and getting error as per following screenshot.

Can you please let me know how to fix this at my site as well because same issue I am getting?

Hello Team,

I have purchased your plugin . I want to save cropped file into my database but I am not getting value in ‘thumb_values’ in this array while submitting a form. So please help me how can i store image path into my database and image into upload folder.


HI we are using the html5 image loader. we tried it with data-image, data-ajax=false, data-canvas=false, data-save=false. once the image saved it’s stored on full-size without any cropping or positioning, how can we use the plugin to store the cropped image without ajax and show the cropped image in edit form. Thanks.