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Hello support team!

Wonderful plugin, but still not working for me. I need the image recorded in the / temp / directory to have the same proportions as the image available by the download button.

I have a web application that requests upload of an image, but it should ALWAYS stay in 640px X 120px … I am not able to save the image exactly in that proportion.

My code:

         <input type = “file” name = “thumb” />     


I recently purchased your script and overall its working well, but I have a very annoying problem: I need all the images to end up in 1500×1500 (original image can be any size). The problem is no matter what size the original image is, it starts with a little zoom in, so I have to manually zoom out if I want to use the entire image (even if the original is 1500×1500, it starts zoomed in). Is there any way I can make it load the images with no zoom at all?

Let me know if I make any sense, I’m not sure how to describe it. Worst case scenario I’ll send you a video showing the issue.

Thank you! Andrés

Dear author, Your canvas.php is not working. I tried to upload an image in my hosting and it is not working. As well, I saw the $_POST[‘name’]. I don’t know where it came from. It is an undefined.

Help me asap thx

Are you interested to work on a custom drag and drop builder?

Hello, I purchase the “Support for HTML5 Upload Image, Ratio with Drag and Drop”. I unzip and uploaded to my site. Parts of it does not seem to be working. The html shows but there is no preview, no drop and drag, no activity as I was expecting to see from the purchase site.

Can you direct me to what I need to check for? Thanks


After you selected an image and you continue to enter information on other controls on the page, the page freezes on ipads and iphones (the mobile devices I used to test this on).

It even does this on your live preview page if you want to check what I mean. On an ipad or iPhone, do the following to simulate the problem: 1. On your live preview page, go to the section where is describes how to use this with a form. 2. Select an image and click the green button to confirm cropping 3. Enter information in the name title textboxes. Click between to the two textboxes to manipulate your text again…the screen freezes

This is urgent and any help is will be greatly appreciated!!


Unfortunately, i do not have an iPad / iPhone at the moment. Friday i can look into this.

You can use Chrome;s Developer Tools to switch between ipad and iPhone views in the Chrome browser? Otherwise, it’s ok, I’ll wait for your feedback on Friday. Thanks for responding.


I would like to crop an existing image in a modal window. I tried using data-image=”/myimage.jpg” bit this doesn;t seem to work, as it overflows the modal window and the edit button is hidden.

Is there a solution for this ? it is the only way i want to use this code



Hi, no you can not crop an image that way. The existing image functionality is to show a cropped image, not “recrop” it again. Sorry.


bear16 Purchased

as this app cannot fulfil my needs, i requested a refund weeks ago, still no reply

We are having an issue where the cropped image looks grainy. So for example, we upload an image that is 5472×3648. We have it set up to crop it at 800×600. If you compare the two images, you will see the difference. One is clear and the other one looks grainy. What can we do to fix it? Thanks!