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Demo not working or is dead.

No sir its working very will.

Due it doesn’t work at all.

demo is working now..

Demo page is not loading.

Its Working fine sir

Your demo page is not work

Its working sir

does not work or build

Even the help page is useless, its just a copy of the free ASP MVC template

I dont know how this made the envato marketplace – its a non functioning product with very poor quality.

Edit: Are you planning any updates or fixes on this?? all the other projects are just copies with basic name changes in the menu!!

Also Please follows these steps to setup application.

Documentation is no help….

1) microsofthelper is completly missing…

2) many compile errors JSON newton soft version collisions.

download now all issues are resolved.

Demo is not working

dear sir i am new customer i purchase your product (HRMS PRO) now i got sourcode but can not see database file


Start steps from changing the connection string and proceed…

Please, I am trying to make a purchase decision. Please, does your software have employee performance or staff appraisal workflow with many levels of appraisal?

Its working now…

Thank you. It is working now, Please, don’t forget to add the following modules:
1. employee performance appraisal module with several approval or appraisal levels
2. Leave application module with several approval levels
When you add these modules, I will immediately purchase your software

Ok, thanks

Hello, I want to purchase the extended licence but I want to ask if the software supports Multitenancy and will I be able to use it as cloud app?

Its MVC 5 Code First Technology. For more details Please contact us on Skype :

Don´t do business with the authors he will only deceive you, I have bought his services, but has not delivered it.

which service you have bought?? Please let us know…

This developer Skilledi is NOT serious at all. I cant stop Laughing. For HRMS PRO He simply copied a database and used some auto generate program to create CRUD >> Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete >>. the database. There is No program flow, no plan, no ergonomics, No table relationships just CRUD from a database. Then Skilledi is brave enough to put his concoction as a software for sale. Seriously how did this software pass envato quality control? It is not even worth $5

Dear if you are here to defame us then its your choice, but as k any other developer to make this basic version for same number of tables in 5$...i will give you one copy for free..thanks

I didn’t get database file . Please share Database file ASAP.

Please visit this page & follow the steps you will get the database file, its MVC Code First Application

please can i interface fingerprint scanner to the code.

Its mvc based application..if your biometrix machine provide way to connect to application, then yes that can be possible

can i change the code?

yes why not, its fully customize able application, having a 0 level customize in code

i am planing to buy this product. please send me demo at

i am planing to buy this product, please send me demo at

is the HRMS open source ?

do you have documentation. i have error when running the project. thanks

on description one by one given steps how to install it.

thank you mr.sonu. forgot to change connectionstring


Are u using n-tier Architecture ?

im very interesting plz reply me

its in single namespace ,mean default n-layer which mvc by default providing to us. If you want to make n-layer then easy to create . further talk on skype:

This is not a HRMS. It is a kind of joke, developer just copy a database, and some auto generated CRUD operation. How Envato pass this software.

Please Read detail of software.