Demo Url:


Admin Login:

username: superuser

password: superuser

User Login:

username: john

password: john

If you purchase the hrm, later you find it with bugs/errors then contact us immediately.
If you want us to deploy the system at your server, there will be extra charges for that.

This is a Human Resource Management System. It includes

  • Branch Management
  • Department Management
  • Designation Management
  • Employee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Users Management
  • Notice Board
  • Notices Management / Notice Board
  • Roles Management
  • Rights Management (Menu Management)
  • Notifications
  • Export to CSV, Excel, Pdf and Word


Updates in Version V2.0

            -> Forgot Password.
            -> Email Sending.
            -> Updated Validations
            -> Encryption to store Sensitive data
            -> a hyperlink to All*.aspx pages on Add*.aspx pages
            -> More Advanced Filters
            -> Export Data/Reports to Multiple Formats

Updates in Version V1.3

            -> Modals are Updated. 
            -> Status Bug on AllBraches.aspx is removed.
            -> Validations have been upgraded.
            -> Make Dashboard Cards Hyperlink to All*.aspx pages
            -> Update Login Page Background Image
            -> a hyperlink to All*.aspx pages on Add*.aspx pages

Updates in Version V1.2

            -> Currency symbol added to salaries / payroll [Fixed]
            -> Make payment issue resolved [Fixed]
            -> Salary Notifications have been included [Done]
            -> Every Table can be exported to Excel/Word/Csv [Done]
            -> Individual Attendance [Fixed]

Updates in Version V1.1

            -> Strength of Departments (Fixed) 
            -> Roles Management is introduced 
            -> Rights Management is introduced 
            -> Update Failure Modal has been fixed on Add Departments Page