Discussion on HRM OS - HR Software for All HR, HRM & HRMS needs

Discussion on HRM OS - HR Software for All HR, HRM & HRMS needs

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DivineAll Purchased

Just purchased the application, Good work team. But one thing is my hosting already on cloud linux cpanel version and other nodeJs application are running smoothly. As of the other comments on cpanel i read you said it won’t work. If it doesn’t work then how come other nodeJS application are running in my cpanel hosting. Please guide me to install in cloud linux cpanel hosting

Dear sir,

You can install normal Nodejs software in cPanel hosting. But with `prisma` software there are some issues related to some packages which are related to WASM.

Note: There are some issues installing this software on Cpanel. Not all Cpanel hosting provider supports the installation of Prisma. Search whether your Cpanel hosting providers support Prisma installation or not before installing this software in Cpanel.

To know more please see this:

Can i install it on my web hosting account using cpanel?

Dear sir,

This software can’t be installed in cPanel. Please use VPS hosting for installation. As only VPS hosting supports Docker installation.

Thank you.


chitiya Purchased

Am having trouble installing this on local machine. Can you please assist. Also it it possible to have a cpanel based installation?

Hello Dear,

Sorry for the interruption, We have a new update on our HRM OS software, Now you can install it easily, please download the latest source code from code canyon and follow this tutorial :

No you cannot install HRM OS on Cpanel cause Cpanel does not support Docker.


chitiya Purchased

Hello I have done as instructed but after completing all processes and login in i am getting a blank screen as shown here

This was not suppose to be happen, but if you are still having this issue then delete your frontend container from docker desktop and go to package.json, change the homepage” to homepage frontend url” and build the docker again with docker compose up

Hi, I tried to add task in a project and getting error message : ”\nInvalid `prisma.task.create()` invocation:\n\n\nAn operation failed because it depends on one or more records that were required but not found. No ‘projectTeam’ record(s) (needed to inline the relation on ‘assignedTask’ record(s)) was found for a nested connect on one-to-many relation ‘assignedTaskToprojectTeam’.”

and same error in your demo platform , Can you please solve it , also in employee panel i gave the role and permissions still no options for add task

We already updated the code its in a review process of code canyon, you will be notified when new update review accepts.

OK Thanks

You are welcome, sir.

is there a way we can configure system to auto fetch attendence from Zkteco attendence machine?

Dear sir,

We have not implemented this feature yet. We are working on this and it’ll be available soon.

Thank you.

Can I get same feature with laravel backend?

Dear sir,

This is a Nodejs and React based software. We don’t have Laravel version yet.


any plan?

Dear sir,

We are developing the same HRM application with Laravel backend. And planning to launch that by the end of this September.

Hello, does this work with CPANEL?

There is an issue when working with cPanel, please take a look to our documentation ,

can you provide one demo employee login? or staff login?

I created one employee with role as staff but did not get email, am still reviewing demo app

Thanks for your report , we are looking into it .

I need a saas version of this software please, how do I get it? Thanks

Sorry Sir , Our application doesn’t has any SaaS version. We are working on it .

Hi support team, why this project I buy some functions not same like your demo ?

Dear sir,

Here is our email address:

Please send your queries along with all the screenshots. One of our support team member will be assigned to you to resolve the issue.


I send to your email with screenshots already please reply me if you know that problem. Thanks

We are replying to you soon Sir.


Hello, Kindly guide me to use this HRM OS with mySQL database and how to deploy it on netlify.

Hello Sir , We already replied to your mail 2 days ago in 19th August, from then on we haven’t received any reply or email from you, we’ve already assigned 2 support engineer 2 times but we couldn’t fix schedule with you. Please wait 2-3 days we will have new updates in HRM after that check your issues again.

Regards, Omega Solution

Maybe there is some technical issue as I have not received any mail since 12th Aug. As you are saying that the new update is about to roll out within 2-3 days then I am waiting for the same and I will let you know if any support will be needed even after that.

We have a mail tracking system , for us every email is important and its showing every email that we’ve sent you has been delivered successfully. You can mail to us again and this time please check email everyday. Please send another support email at our email for schedule.

Regards, Omega Solution.

when is next update you are planning and attendance page listing is giving error

We noted the errors, we will fix this issue as soon as possible

Had emailed and followed up as well, not getting any reply over your support email.

We’ve replied to your email.

We want to modify this and make multitenant. Do you have multitenant version. Does your license allow us to do that?

Then you have to buy custom license, contact us at

Does it have different logins for HR and other employees?

Yes. You can create users and it will automatically mail your employee a username and password. then they can login. for permission we have role based permission system, admin can create a role give them specific permission to access.

I was trying to add a new employee to your demo app. But it is showing the below error: POST 500 (Internal Server Error)

Thanks , For your issue report , we will take a look and will fix it soon.

I want to purchase but the demo link is broken giving a 404 error

We were upgrading our demo servers , those are currently working fine , Please try again and Sorry for the interruption.

Hi Guys,

We are looking at purchasing this software is it compatible with Nepal SFF funds deduction.

Basically there is % deduction from employee salary and business contribution is added on %

Thank you please let us know

Kind Regards Alan

Yes you can deduct from salary by amount but not in percentages, Please checkout our demo version before purchasing.


Does this product just need to be installed or do I need to understand coding to be able to access it? I am very layman looking for a theme that just install it

There’s is no coding part to install it, but if you nees help we have comprehensive documentation here you can check out documentation for installing. – not working – working

How to make it work without mentioning 3000 port numbers in the browser ?

You need to change the port number on package.json file , in which you will find “start”: “react-scripts start” , here you have to put the port number . Usually http port number is 80.

Example : //For Linux “start”: “PORT=80 react-scripts start” or “start”: “export PORT=80 react-scripts start” // For windows “start”: “set PORT=80 && react-scripts start”


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