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hello, please can you integrate this feature? ” Employee information with QR code generator” so we can easily grab any employee info by scanning a QR CODE?? please reply asap!


you have to customise it. please send me your customization requirements at uniquecoder007@gmail.com

after study I will send you a reasonable quote for you.


ok, message sent

Dear unique coder,

iam interested with you plugin in Codecanyon.net for HRM – Human Resource Management System, i have a few pre-sales question regarding this program ; 1. it’s possible to integrated with fingerprint for clocking in and out? 2. how you will be charge for add new feature/module in this system? 3. important thing is that program supported in wordpress?

thank you & looking forward to hearing update from you.

Yes all is possible without not support WordPress. Thanks

Pre Buying Qn: how to install this? i need to know before i purchase

and which version number is this?

you can easily install it like WordPress.

just create a database and press next button. if you can’t I will help you. for any query just drop us the mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.com


i am trying to add user on demo i get this error on dashboard

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Trying to get property of non-object

Filename: admin/main_content.php

Line Number: 392

After buy the software if you face any error I will fixed. For any queries just drop us mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.com Thanks

thanks for the fast feedback, what about bio-metric (finger print attendance) can you integrate with this system?

if you want i will intrigrade you. Thanks

Can we keep resumes and other documents related to an employee while we create new employee??

And I don’t know how to manage employee profile in your application. Is it the same with user creation?? If yes, we still need a lot of fields to keep employee profile. Please advise.

go to user details here is option . for any query just drop us mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.com


I dont really understand this system. There is no staff data registration module. If there is where is it??

Please go to user menu… and create a user. Thanks

i have serious issues with this template,can the author respond to my mails

Could you please give me your FTP and login details . let me check it. Thanks

login ftp sent to your mail.

i have sent you the ftp,login ,demo,uptill now u havent responded

omg! why did i buy this template?

can you please respond to my mails?

I want to buy the this module but I need to know if you can design a backend module that would allow my HR admins upload employee data from excel? is that possible? Then I want the ability to create reports from the data uploaded?

yes, it’s possible. you have to customize it, please send me your customization requirements at uniquecoder007@gmail.com after study I will send you a reasonable quote for you. we have a pro version that has many cool feature.you can check it, https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-project-manager-crm-pro/16292398 Thanks

can this allow employee to fill and edit his information? manager will just create a user name and password while the employee will enter his details!

Yes all is possible. Just go to users and click on the user name.

We have a pro version you can try this one. That have huge features.

For any queries just drop us mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.com


Pre-Purchase Question: What is the difference between Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO and HRM – Human Resource Management System? I need a system that my client can give access to their staff to track their times on jobs which then translates to their Payslips.

In ultimate that many features. Crm+hrm+accountin In hrm only hrm. The both system fulfil your requirements. For any queries just drop us mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.com Thanks

I got a lot of issues in this system, user doesn’t update on individual task, a lot of error appears, no manual payment, etc… so crazy.. hopefully this can be resolve…good looking system but inside of it, so crazy, you will just find out after purchased and installation…

sorry, I was on vacation. I m getting married that;s why the delay. sorry for that. could you please give me your login URL and current FTP Details with error screenshot. Let me check it, Thanks

Hi, I’ve created a new user as an employee with restricted access which only able to view. But the weird part is when I login into the employee account, and navigate to payroll, I can search other employee salary, payslip and I also can edit other employees details in user tab. Can you please clarify this? Thank you.

in permission issue, if you check a menu when creating designation then the user can operate everything in this menu.

when you create a data from the expense, deposit etc. then you can set permission t the specific user can edit/view/delete when creating a data. the user only can see/edit/delete this data,

hope you understand.


Presale question- Can i download this wordpress theme for 39$ and customize/whitelabel for my needs?

nop. what do you mean by encrypted? please send the mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.com Thanks

I mean can I modify php code?

hello there , my client is a commercial firm , which have multi stores .. he need a full hr system .. your plugin looks great , but i need explanations for the following points : 1- does your plugin support multi branches “stores”? 2- does your plugin require a specific hosting service ,, i host in regular in my shared host servers ,, would this is suitable to this project , and if no , what’s the required hosting service i should look for ? 3- does your plugin is translatable to arabic? and support RTL style? 4- my client have finger prints machines in his stores for attendance , is there any way to connect these devices to the plugin database in real time, instead of upload the exported csv file manually 5- the client want a feature of counting the selling commission , something like rewards … he needs to categorize his products in several categories based on its profit margins or whatever he want .. and he want when an employee sell a product from category A , he get X point.. when he sell product from cat B , he get 2X points .. which this X point equal Z money .. i’m not sure if it’s available in your plugin .. if not , do you know any supportive plugin doing this and works smoothly with your plugin.

1.no sir. 2.no sir..you can host whatever hosting you want. 3.yes.but there is no RTL support. I m working on update version.i will add the RTL option. 4.in this version is not possible.if you want to add the machine you have to customize it, 5.sorry sir this features is not available in this version.if you want I will do it for you.

please send me your customization requirements at uniquecoder007@gmail.com . after study I will send you the reasonable quote for you.


Could you add Date of Birth on the add user form and user profile

after creating the user go to user details. here is the option to add the date of birth. please click the update button then update the date.

for any queries just drop us mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.com


Hello! Can admin schedule working hours for a specific user? For example, I have 100 employees and want to schedule working hours for all of them.

sorry, sir, this feature is not available, if you want I will do it for it. for any queries just drop us the mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.


i find it difficult to add employee …..any help?

is there any place you can upload the employees details from a file instead of entering them manually??

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Trying to get property of non-object

Filename: core/Loader.php(830) : eval()’d code

Line Number: 385

can you help me fix this error?

I have uploaded the latest version. it tools few days to approve from Envato. After that check the latest version.

Here is much Change.

for any queries just drop us mail at uniquecoder007@gmail.com.


hi? everything is ok and i would like to add something on printing the payslip, can you design the printing output to be minimal with just name of employee, allowances, deduction , gross and so forth everything minimized no to take a whole page? also in companies they have employees Sacco, loans, government deductions (tax) health relief funds. after adding such in allowances and deductions to employees is there a way to printout or have excel output having deductions/allowances/or loans with all employees and their respective amounts per deductions/allowances/or loans with their totals so that when the accountant goes to the bank he can bank the totals amount to their respective units. kindly that is my urge as i have many clients who would like that. respond asap sir. my email is felix@savvytexmrines.co.ke and am contacting you as a CEO, THERE IS MORE TO COME AND WORKING TOGETHER IF THIS WORKS

please check your email thanks