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One question: You can’t change the status of a ticket as admin without replying? I want to be able to close a ticket without replying to that ticket.

Thank you!

Also, how is the salary calculated? I see there is a Hourly Salary that I can set as admin for any employee (this is correct) but how is the salary calculated at the end of the month? How Employer Zone knows how many hours an employee worked so the salary is calculated?

Also, what if the employee clicks a start button or a clock in button and then leaves the browser as is and goes to watch some netflix? I will have to pay him the salary based on the hours that employee was clocked in, right?!

I don’t really understand how is process is managed by your product. Still…. I’m very interested in buying and integrate this product into a CodeIgniter Project Manager product. It’s name starts with “Per” and finishes with “fex” :D

I bet you know what product I’m referring to. I know we exchanged some emails about this but didn’t had time to start this project until now. Also, my email: cata.avr@gmail.com and Skype: Cata.avr

Thank you!

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Hello Thanks for showing interest in our product. Yes, the script calculates salary based upon the hours employee has logged in. However there is no way to track if one employee clocks-in and then moves to netflix. You can do it by installing some other application on their computers.

I know the products you are talking about but the product is built on CI and Employer Zone is built on Laravel. Its difficult to integrate both of them.

For details please email us at support@wmlab.in

hello i purchase this item and looking for help to make this project live , but item is not accpeting my license code its been more then 3 months i am looking for help and author is not replaying me

Can you please raise a ticket at http://support.wmlab.in with all your previous communication and purchase code?

last communication is here in comments and skype i want to upload hrm on live server but it gives me error

No reply received on your tickets. Hence it was closed.