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Hi – When are we expecting the latest Laravel 5.4 version upgrade? Thank you ;)

We are on leave. Will get back to you on 21st feb

Hi – where is the SMS feature? I am not seeing it when I am logged in as root user. Thank you in advance.

We are on leave. Will get back to you on 21st feb

can we edit the source code?

You can send your customization request at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

so you mean if wee need new functionality you are the only one that can add? thank you

If you have knowledge of Laravel, then you can customize the code yourself.

Can you integrate a device for attendance ???I preferred Zkte Fingerprint device…?If then i can purchase this product

Unfortunately, we do not provide integration with any bio metric system. You can use the import attendance feature to import all the attendance at once into Employer Zone.

When it will release a new version? Can you teach me the time of issuance exactly when to arrange some things I have

Hello, we are just back from our holidays and now working hard to get it complete. Will soon announce date of release.

Can I install Employer Zone on a standalone computer which has no internet connectivity?

Yes, you can. But you need internet connectivity during Installation.

Can this software manage 10000 employees? And What’s the minimum server requirement?

The more powerful server you have, the more number of employees you can manage. The minimum server requirement is that you can even host this script in shared hosting.

Sorry, Any discount for regular user today? Still plan for one server only to fully test in my shared hosting. You should add more advance recruitment module which have 2 ability like: 1. just like existing on demo page, but have validation with IDCard, email and birthday. When the email, birthday and IDCard same and not employee user could edit the form. 2. HR admin could create link form with some hash id example jobnyadotcom/recruit?u=55&h=892hrncnr238uwwyrh83hery, when he/she sent to user, user that have that link should completed the form, if unfinished target user could edit it after submitted finish user couldn’t edit except HR Admin reedit to open those hash for user to edit. Hope it could realize in next release, i will buy it because test shown really good app

There is no discount offered with these application. Please submit your requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

I cannot download the script after purchase. Please support your paid customer. Thank you.

There were some temporary issue with download in Envato Marketplace. Hopefully, you have downloaded and installed the script.

Hi I found the following issues in the system:

1. When I create an email template and want to use it when sending from the employee profile screen, I select the template but the only thing that gets updated is the subject – not the body

2. When I enter a body in the same email message, it sends it as plain text instead of html. However the normal email sent through when adding an employee is okay.

3. Most important – when one tries to approve a pending leave, it says that it is save and that there was no issue. However the leave remains as pending. When I looked in the database I saw that the “leave_status_details” table gets updated correct, but the “leaves” table remains unchanged.

That is it for now…!

Could you let me know where I can look into (especially for the point number 3) so I can modify it myself?

Thank you kindly in advance. P.S. Your ticket system does not work – after submitting the ticket it keeps throwing me to a login page. Can you check it out please?

Please email your login details at support@wmlab.in so that we can check the issue of support portal.

hello i am using this app in local server now i want to upload to live server how i can upload app on live server ?

and also how to update version 3.1 with version 3.0 ?

Please raise a ticket at http://support.wmlab.in

Is there any form of reminders (i.e. email or on dashboard) for expiring documents? Thanks! Matt

Right now, no. But that will be really a great feature. We will try to implement your suggestion soon.

Perfect! Is there a way you could notify me when this feature might come out? Your software looks perfect and amazing but the one thing that my boss is looking for is that expiring documents reminder feature. Thanks again!

Please send an email at support@wmlab.in, you will get email notification when it is available.

Hello, could you please let me know when the upgrade is coming? The release date was originally February but we’re well into March now? Thanks


Hi there, any news?

Hello, Its under approval. It will be available once it is approved.


ormi Purchased

Hi, I need the demo data that are being displayed on your demo link. Can you provide me some kinda sql or csv file so that i can import the demo data to my installation?

Currently i’m trying this product on my local server but i finally i want to install it to the following url >> hrm.ictdl.co

or can u install it there with demo data? i’ll provide cpanel access.

It’s kinda urgent, i need it to be done by today. So please help me if possible.



ormi Purchased

MOST IMPORTANTLY, i cant submit any tickets to your support center. my email there: aizen251@gmail.com Please fix it.

We have already replied you over email.


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When can we expect to laravel 5.3 version?


faaazma Purchased

sorry 5.4

It is coming anytime between 15th March to 20th March 2017.

hi , good script and like to purchase some pre purchase questions 1) can you provide customization ?

can the script host in to windows shared hosting?

Hello. Yes, we do provide customization service on request. You can submit your requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote . You can check the pre-requisites at http://support.wmlab.in/support/solutions/articles/17000016863-pre-requisite-check-before-installation


fekrait Purchased

When will the new version be released ??? Have a specific date

Hello, Its under approval. It will be available once it is approved.