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One question: You can’t change the status of a ticket as admin without replying? I want to be able to close a ticket without replying to that ticket.

Thank you!

Also, how is the salary calculated? I see there is a Hourly Salary that I can set as admin for any employee (this is correct) but how is the salary calculated at the end of the month? How Employer Zone knows how many hours an employee worked so the salary is calculated?

Also, what if the employee clicks a start button or a clock in button and then leaves the browser as is and goes to watch some netflix? I will have to pay him the salary based on the hours that employee was clocked in, right?!

I don’t really understand how is process is managed by your product. Still…. I’m very interested in buying and integrate this product into a CodeIgniter Project Manager product. It’s name starts with “Per” and finishes with “fex” :D

I bet you know what product I’m referring to. I know we exchanged some emails about this but didn’t had time to start this project until now. Also, my email: cata.avr@gmail.com and Skype: Cata.avr

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Hello Thanks for showing interest in our product. Yes, the script calculates salary based upon the hours employee has logged in. However there is no way to track if one employee clocks-in and then moves to netflix. You can do it by installing some other application on their computers.

I know the products you are talking about but the product is built on CI and Employer Zone is built on Laravel. Its difficult to integrate both of them.

For details please email us at support@wmlab.in

hello i purchase this item and looking for help to make this project live , but item is not accpeting my license code its been more then 3 months i am looking for help and author is not replaying me

Can you please raise a ticket at http://support.wmlab.in with all your previous communication and purchase code?

last communication is here in comments and skype i want to upload hrm on live server but it gives me error

No reply received on your tickets. Hence it was closed.

Looks great and well scripted but does this work out the Tax and NI in the uk?

This is general purpose script. If you want any specific features, it can be customized. Please submit a ticket at http://support.wmlab.in

ASK : menu Daily Report, its use For what ?

Daily menu can be used for reporting employee’s daily task report to the superior. If you have any more question, please raise a ticket at http://support.wmlab.in

hi, can you provide customization ? already send a request at your site panel but didn’t got any replay. please refer the same.

We are currently running out of time therefore not accepting any customization. You can either wait for sometime or hire any other Laravel Developer for the customization.

Hi your support section having some issue. i have logged in and putting a ticket, after submit it is taking to login page. I tried 4 times. here is the screenshot of the page


let me know where to update my issue?

Please email us at support@wmlab.in

I have sent an email 2 days back with cpanel details. did you get a chance to check and provide me a solution?


Pre-sales questions:

-Is it possible to add/remove/change shifts for a specific day?

-Recurring tasks

-Add custom menu items and pages

-Disable features like payroll


And is it possible to fix the slow menu scroll on mobile (tested ios)?

+ add shifts that only can be used by specific departments?


Hello, You can change shift by for individual users by navigating to users profile. Recurring task is currently unavailable. It seems very user specific requirement. Please note that this script is for general purpose. You need to customize the script as per your requirement. You can do it at your own or you can hire any laravel developer for it.


But the slow scroll on mobile? Can you fix that. And about the shifts. I mean that for example;

you have a shift from monday till friday but the employee isn,t working fridays. Than the emp needs to be off without a leave every week and another emp has to take that place.

+ lets say we have a emp without a default shift and i ask them to work next week on monday. Then i can’t add it.


midhunom Purchased

Presale: Hi API Supported bio-metric devices, easily connected to HRM in India, Many locations how many device support, beacuse small offices in many location

You need to integrate the script with Bio-metric devices yourself. We do no provide support Bio-metric integration.


kiroge Purchased


I just bought your app and I may be missing something but I need the following which I don’t see to find the settings:

1) How to disable some features on report such as Half Day, Early Leaving, Late, Total Rest, paid amounts in words need just amount in digit etc.. We don’t need these.

2) How to show the the actual number of hours which employee works on payslip? Current is only showing the amount salary paid without showing how many hours worked.

3) There is anyway to select which items will be showing on PDF file? Current the content is not fit properly into columns and not looks good on some reports.

For all after purchase support, you need to raise ticket at http://support.wmlab.in. All your tickets will be respond within stipulated time.


kiroge Purchased

I can’t find the way to change some words text for payroll & employee payslip such as: Total Early Leaving, Hourly Salary, Total Rest, Total Work etc.. It should be an easy way of changing these words. e.g £ 216 ’’(Two Hundred And Sixteen)’’ why do you need amount in words on the Net Amount column in payslip?? This should have been optional or an option to disable this feature. Despite opened a ticket it seems the text can only be changed on the source files! This is bad idea. The words on the employee payroll & payslip should be simply changed on the admin backend.

We have already indicated the file which needs to be modified. However it seems that you don’t have coding experience. We suggest do not go for any kind of modification because in case of any issue after modification we will not be able to provide bug fixing support. You can hire any developer or send us customization request at http://wmlab.in/request-quote


kiroge Purchased

This is suggestion which has nothing to do with customization since general your script works as intended. There is no need of modification from customer side as these requested improvement should come out of box from your side. You need to add the followings as it is important for some customers like me which is making much sense.And also improve flexibility for client using your script.

1) Add employee payroll & payslip wording/texts into localization section at admin backend so we can edit texts/strings without going to the source files. As explained before this section is already exist! What you have to do is adding those words for employee and payslip to be editable/changeable.

2) Add option to to disable/turn off/ of the ‘in word’ amount text displayed in ‘Net Salarly’ coloumn most countries don’t use on their payslips. We only need digit amount to be displayed on payslips not along with text. I give you example of payslips layout for UK and US on the screeshots above my post. I hope you will take this advise on board and deliver these options.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will check its feasibility and implement if feasible in next release.

This script is really good. A simple quality of life change suggestion:

calc export

Just add “Total” to calculate viewed expenses + selected days, also available on exported documents.

Possible? I Need that feature for my personal usage, and I am interested in buying a script.

Also, would it be possible to integrate some of your “Larapay” script functions like Invoicing and Items to HRM?, Thanks

Thanks for your suggestion, we will check its feasibility and implement if feasible in next release.

how i can see the demo ? the latest version please

Please visit http://ez.wmlab.in. Login details are available in the form of buttons over there. Click on different buttons to login as different roles.

Do not you have feature like Supervisor and subordinate ? So if i want to see who is the manager of particular i can see and manage , ANS same if i go on manager and then add subordinate and i can see what are the employee under this manager? like Report To – concept .

If you have so then please guide the steps .. Thanks!

It has feature way beyond this. You can add hierarchy of designations and then easily manage your subordinates. for demonstration visit http://ez.wmlab.in

I see, i found it. What about Training module ? is you have training module – Then please guide me.

This feature is currently not available. You can request your customization at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

Dear i kindly request you that could you help me how to change number of leave? it default is Casual Leave (0/10),Medical Leave (0/5),Half Day (0/20)?