HRM - Employer Zone : Ultimate Human Resource Manager

HRM - Employer Zone : Ultimate Human Resource Manager

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Version History

Version 3.2 : Release on April 1st 2017

Real Time Notification
Upgraded to Laravel 5.4
Improved UI
Multiple Themes & Fonts
Improved Message, Task, Ticket Module

Version 3.1 : Release on November 30th 2016

Multiple Company Location/Branch
Login with Email/Username
Multi-level Attendance Approval
Employee Self Service
Optional User Self Registration
New Subordinate Level
Multi-level Expense Approval
Daily Report
Sub Task
Improved Message Module
Upload Attendance
Improved Payroll Template
Task User Rating

Version 3.0 : Release on August 20th 2016

Improved UI
Multiple Attendance Log
Multiple Office Shifts
Flexible Payroll Generator
Flexible Leave Approval
Graphical Analysis
Multi-level Roles & Permissions
Multi-level Designations
Easy API
IP Restriction
Application Setup Guide
Custom Email Templates
Email Log
Easy Backup Tool
Language Translator

Version History

Version : Release on January 30th 2016

Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.3.3 : Release on 9th Dec 2015

Code Optimized
TextAvatar for Profile Image Added
Minor bugs fixed: Ticket Comment, note & attachment bug fixed
Minor bugs fixed: Task Comment, note & attachment bug fixed
Minor bugs fixed: Undefined driver bug fixed
Minor bugs fixed: Staff Overall contribution error fixed
Minor bugs fixed: Last login time bugs fixed
Document Updated

Version 2.3.2 : Release on 25th Nov 2015

Added more permission option in Award Module
Added more permission option in Job Module
Added more permission option in Designation Module
New Feature: Attendance can be updated directly
Minor bugs fixed: Job Module not working
Minor bugs fixed: Task Module not working
Document Updated

Version 2.3.1 : Release on 19th Nov 2015

Minor bugs fixed
Document Updated

Version 2.3 : Release on 26th October 2015

New Feature : Manage Subordinates with more Powerful Permission to different role
Updates : Employee Document Type Module
Minor bugs fixed
Document Updated

Version 2.2 : Release on 21st October 2015

New Feature : To do module added with full calendar
Updates : Theme updated to bootstrap 3.3.5
Updates : jquery updated to 1.11.3
Updates : mail configuration updates
Minor bugs fixed
Document Updated

Version 2.1 : Release on 30th 2015

Upgraded to Laravel 5.1
Minor Bugs Fixed
Updates : Attendance Record
Updates : Payroll Generate
New Feature : Custom Fields to every form
New Feature : Twilio SMS API
New Feature : Mail Configuration
New Feature : Payroll Contribution
New Feature : Code Optimized
Document Updated

Version 2.0 : Release on 14th 2015

Upgraded to Laravel 5

Version 1.4 : Release on 29th Aug 2015

Unlimited Roles
Customized Permissions
Minor Bugs Fixed

Version 1.3.2 : Release on 25th Aug 2015

Upload attendance via Excel Sheet
Updations in Attendance Report
Send Mail Error
Staff got permission to apply for jobs
Minor Bugs Fixed

Version 1.3.1 : Release on 17th Aug 2015

Change password bug fixed
Upload profile image bug fixed
Job Application Delete bug fixed
Email Template bug fixed
Notice board published by bug fixed
User ticket bug fixed
User cannot change language bug fixed

Version 1.3 : Release on 10th Aug 2015

New Module added - Job & Expense management
Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.2.1 : Release on 31th July 2015

Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.2 : Release on 29th July 2015

RTL Support
Multilingual Support
Fixed minor Bugs

Version 1.1 : Release on 22nd July 2015

Ticket support system added
Email template added
Payroll module added
Employee code added in Staff detail

Version 1.0 : Initial Release on 20th July 2015

10 Modules
1 Application

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