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Hello, I have a multisite WordPress network, the “Hreflang Manager Meta Box” seems to be working on the base site but not the second site. I tested it on two different pages. I am on WordPress version 4.5. Thanks, Shadi.

Hello kodemann,

please contact me directly via the support tab or via my profile contact form with more details, in particular:

  • With “the “Hreflang Manager Meta Box” seems to be working on the base site but not the second site” do you mean that the “Hreflang Manager” meta box is not displayed or that you can’t see on the front-end the hreflang attribute generated with the “Hreflang Manager” meta box?
  • Have you enabled the “Hreflang Manager” meta box with the “Screen Options” in the post editor of your subsites?

We can speed up the process if you can create a temporary WordPress user for me so that I can verify the specific situation. ( obviously share these details only via email )

Yes, the meta box is showing but on the front end I cannot find the hreflang tags in the web page. Do you still need access to fix the issue or can you try to replicate with a multisite on WP 4.5?

Hello kodemann, yes I still need access to verify your specific situation because by default there are no issues with WP 4.5 and multisite.


Sorry but I cant see how to add links correctly. Any video? Thanks

Hello dangeroux, I just replied to your email.

Hello. I have two websites in Wordpress, with two different installs. One in Dutch (http://site.mproof.com) and one in English (http://engels.mproof.com). Will your software work with this? Can you explain how I need to set it up, once I purchase it? Sorry, I’m a newbie to this.

Hello Chielemans,

  1. Install the plugin in both websites ( If your two websites can be considered a single end product a regular license is enough )
  2. Visit http://site.mproof.com and use the “Connections” menu to manually connect the pages of http://site.mproof.com with the pages on http://engels.mproof.com ( more info on the procedure are available in the manual )
  3. Repeat the same process on http://engels.mproof.com

If you need more info feel free to ask.