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Hello, I am keen on buying this but i had some queries. First there are bugs and errors in this script, second is this a limited version where only a select jobs can be posted and do we have to keep buying credits for posting jobs? What is the purpose of the membership page?

Its all we can do it on custom services only. Connect me through PM for customized solutions

There is no Bugs & Errors currently.

jobs module is not working in demo can you share a screen shot of jobs module

can admin add fund for companies or clients

jobs module working fine… :) admin can not add funds

hi , good script and i likes to purchase but have some pre-purchase questions , can admin add subscription for both company and candidate ?,can the admin see non paid customer and request for payment?, can admin block the contact information of company and candidate for both ? they can see the contact information only after making payment ?

admin add subscription for company only. and the payment module is just simple straight forward purpose.If you want to make this kind of custom changes it will charges additionally. Our Hourly working cost $25. If you are willing to pay correct price for the service, we will make it.

please share your mail id to discuss details

PM me

Hi, I have some question before buying.Memberships plan we need to pay more if we want to add more jobs, or company and what is the use of PayPal payment gateways.can i change logo and colour of it .

Memberships plan we need to pay more if we want to add more jobs.

Yes, like that.

its for your members(hr consultancies)

Didn’t run lot of errors example : http://hrm.merojob.com.au/TblCompany/create

don’t seems and work like demo !!!! thinking of refund if no support given !! thanks


hye how can u support me ??

support is not available for the particular product.


webheay Purchased

Hi, Where can i change the Membership plans? i don’t see the super admin features in the demo login. Could you please explain me? i will purchase and give the customization as well.. thanks

Sir from super admin you can change membership plans. Super admin login not available at demo for security purposes. Thanks!

Do you have YII framework based HR Management full application?