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I want to run the project in localhost ! how I can ?

hello heramb. u see tripodtr not in purchase label. im buy with other account, and still working to fix the code. there a no complete script on edit article backend. u can chek if edit the article

and please post the query with the account from which you buy this item. i need purchase code.

Please cek ur demo backend and click edit one off in list post article. Then u know there a big mistake. U must update the script. thanks

in backend there is an error in edit article, it will be updated in the next update with some new features. thank you for letting me know.

Thanks code canyon for refund my money from this cheater. Hey guys be careful he is cheater

they give refund because you don’t deserve to code.

Hi, i cant create user to test, can help me please?

Just give all the permissions manually to the application and rest all is working fine, I just register a new user with the same apk, and login with the same.

the image is not there you need to give permission to access the external storage then it will get the image from the sd card, without the image it will show error for registration. Hope you get this.

Nothing, impossible. I can not create a new user to test the application

The apk demo can’t open after downloading. How do I test it before purchasing.

on which os you are using it, it will work on 6.0 and 5.0 fine.

Hi, I followed the steps to open admin panel in my browser. But I see only a blank page. Also, I found many areas where database details need to be included which were not given in the document. Could you suggest me what is wrong with my installation.

i will help you to install the admin panel , please contact me on skype sandeeplondhe54.

I added you to my skype and messaged you

Hi Sandeep, this is a great app with some installation issues. If you can fix them and release a fresh code, this app will definitely gain lot of sales. I hope you understand the importance of the work you have put into building this app. I hope you will improve the code soon.

Sure Chinnam Sir, I am a bit busy in my app development for my clients, once its over I will definately give an update to this app near around in next month, and thank you for your good words.

Hello there. Will it be the next update for the app?

in addition: application demos do not open.

Do you add the user disallowed and complaint section the next update?

version update please

you can download the new apk to test from this link, for customization or any query related to adding new feature you can email on

I didn’t see the the image upload or camera image post screen. Do you support it?

image posting is available, you can add youtube video as well.

hello, when will the update come? Do you have the exact date to be updated when you wrote it in the codecanyon?

I’m waiting for your answer

I do not think the app will update. you say it is in the near future, but 1 year is almost gone. android code is too old. it raises suspicions when you do not tell them about updating them

it’s my idea

I want to buy but outdated code is useless. This is why sales are low

I know you like this script bro, you can buy it, i will provide up to date source code which will run in android studio without any type of error and which will do exactly what it is saying, apart from this if you need any extra feature you can contact me anytime.

Is there a code fatal error in the application?

I want to learn. when I buy the application, users should not encountered fatal errors when installing google play store. there should not be an error in practice

What mistakes will it take to upgrade android version?


What should be done for the solution to the login problem?

How much do I have to pay to get updated first?

there is no problem in login and registration and if you would like to buy it you can, you will get the updated source code as stated without any error.

I want to try. but I could not register for the demo. Error ? application is closing.

what is the reason I could not register in the application demos?

Will this be a mistake when I get the code? the application closes when I press the register button

when he finds the solution send mail according to him, brother

I will buy it when the error is corrected

I can not install my phone android version 5.1 and application

I have installed it once before, but I am cant not loading it now

I can not install my phone android version 5.1 and demo application

I have installed it once before, but I am cant not loading it now

Meanwhile, the application itself has some problems, nonsense.

Error notes

1. you can follow yourself 2. you can message yourself 3. you can not follow the person you follow

does not respond when writ a message the programmer

you can not do anything without hiring a writer

the messaging system in your application is not running and you have a very problematic application

messaging system work on fcm, did you changed the fcm key and google file in the app. What exactly is the error you are getting, did you debug the code, let me know the stack trace.

the application gives wrong internet error correct

Update please

Hi we setup the server but the app crashes during a new user registration. we setup the server all add the information the server run properly also when login to the app using an already registered user login it work. problem is only in the script which update information on server.


actually I did not take a look at it. let me know if you have solve the problem or you can ping me on skype sandeeplondhe54 . I will help you in whatever way possible.

problem is not solved there is problem in process of inserting a new record to server like add user, update and so on. my email is and skype is engrodawood. i did not find your skype name please add my skype account, but i will prefer discussion via email or hangout.

thanks for response.

Okay, I sent you invite on hangout.