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I don’t have it :)

hi why for large image size 8 megapixel app not work?

yes, maximal file size allowed is 3MB. Thanks.

I see this when i import the app to android studio “Migrate Project to Gradle? This project does not use the Gradle build system. We recommend that you migrate to using the Gradle build system.” can you help me please to solve this

Yes. as description, project is for eclipse. But you can migrate to Android Studio easily. Please follow the tutorial to migrate http://blogs.isostech.com/mobile-application-development/migrating-eclipse-android-studio/ . Thanks.

Keep getting “Unknown Error” when clicked on “Detect”. Does the APP Status need to be in “RELEASE” ? (currently APP STATUS is Deve loper)

yes, it need to be “release”, you need to contact them to approve your app. Thanks.

Is there a ios version for this code? or maybe in the futur?

Sorry, but i don’t have a plan to create an iOS version now.

hi vnburning contact me if you want in ios

Sorry, but i don’t have a plan to create an iOS version now.

my skype id is chetanghadiya007

Sorry, but i don’t have a plan to create an iOS version now.

contact me skype : facebook:hamzak2b

in comment i see there is interstitial ad but when i used the demo i dont see it ?

com.kappa.howold.StartActivity, line 534 paint.setColor(getResources().getColor(R.color.red)); Please change it to your color. Thanks

done ok thank’s

you’re very welcome :)

Very nice App , willing to purchase , but I found some points hope to be fixed . Analyzed image is kinda small especially when analyze image containt more than 1 person it’s better to be in Full Screen and sharing result it’s be better if share only analyzed image not screenshot that showing image ,buttons and ads it’s annoying


Thank you for your feedback.

are you gonna do them ?

Sorry, i don’t have time now. If you bought my “Like Dad or Mom” app, i think you can find that code. This app only share the result image without buttons.

Hello, if upload picture from camera pictures there is show couldn’t detect any face. How to fix this error? and how to manage show up interestial ads

Please make sure if there is a face in your image for detecting and image quality is good enough. Manage show ads: StartActivity, line 131: checkShowAdsCondition function. Thanks!

why not to provide an android studio version ?? if we do it ourself we could made a mistake ! if you can provide a stable android studio version I will buy :)

I downloaded demo but it always says error try again!

Hi, I purchased the app and when trying to detect age its showing unknown error please try again. What should I do? My email is: b.shanyour@gmail.com

Where to add Face API key?

Hi i’m intrested to buy , but how about support?