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Wow! Nice script ;)

Good luck with sales!

Thank you Lukasz :)

Initially the script was lacking the jQuery UI scale effect and thus the ‘puff’ animation did not work. Please download the files again if required.

Very nice work! Congratz

Thanks amzee :)

Thanks…Hot use the Click – Toggle in map or table reservation..?

How to copy the same botom, in table..to possibilities to choose any one or various …..


I using your script…how to configure when I choose one appear en red, at the same time in another pc appear red….

After 3 days….don’t receipt answer from you….. Why you sell any item without support

My apologies falarcon, I have not checked this account for a few days.

I don’t quite understand your question; do you want more than one item to become red if only one is clicked?

Very nice plugin. I see this being very super useful in many different ways. Thank you.

Is there any way to manipulate the size of the boxes that target an element?

Say for instance you have a larger DIV that you are targeting, can you make the boxes (that animate) smaller or larger?

Does this mean that the animated boxes will appear to cover an area larger than the original DIV ?

Hi. Nice! I link it very much.

Just one question…. is it possible to set the animation to page load and not just on hover? meaning when the dom is ready then execute the animation?

At the moment, no. Let me look into it.

This jquery not working :(:(:(

What version of jQuery are you using? Send me a link to your work and I will look into it.

very great job, nicely done ! i wish you big sales